More than just a user conference, Interaxions 2017 is your chance to experience in person how Datacor's innovative applications are transforming the way companies operate. This inspiring, annual three day event brings together the Datacor community to learn and share ideas about how businesses can run faster - and smarter. During the three days of classes and networking opportunities, Chempax and eChempax users participate in workshops, hands-on training, diagnostic sessions, platform discussions and open forums on an array of topics. Whether it is a demonstration of the latest features or an in-depth explanation of existing features, users come away with valuable information and knowledge that will enhance their operations. This is not just a one-way street, users input during the conference directly impacts the future of our software. Don't let others decided what you need, come to Interaxions 2017!

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(Pricing) Changes are Coming!

Do you already know that you or someone from your company will be going to Interaxions 2017? Now is absolutely the best time to register.     Prices increase after February 24th, which means that the best chance to lock in the current low prices is to register now!       Not sure who is attending yet? You still have a couple of months to change the name on the registration for free. After April 30, 2017, you can still transfer your registration for a small $100 transfer fee.   Now how much would you pay? Answer: a whole lot less than it will cost you in the future. You can save $150 by taking advantage of our Early Bird Price for the Interaxions 2017 Conference. This is the BEST price offered!  

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