Interaxions 2017 | Classes

We have built a class schedule that ranges from the basics to advanced topics of Chempax and eChempax. Class formats include interactive sessions, hands-on workshops, small group seminars, panel discussions, diagnostic sessions and one-on-one training. Below is a full lineup of classes for Interaxions 2017. Click Here to view the full list of classes with detailed descriptions. In addition, you can use our handy class schedule worksheets to help you plan your personal schedules:


Wednesday, May 17th

Chempax C/S
101 What’s New and Top Ten Requests - Part I
102 What’s New and Top Ten Requests - Part II
103 What’s New and Top Ten Requests - Part III
104 Tracking Non-Conformance 
105 Catching up with Chempax On Your Own Workshop*
106 Change Management
107 Tracking Non-Conformance Workshop


Chempax VB
108 Chempax VB Opening Session 
109 Logistics Forum 
110 Using Chempax VB to the Fullest - Group Discussion
111 Customizing Chempax VB Reports in MS Access Workshop*
112 Analyzing Chempax Data Using MS Excel  Workshop*
113 Transitioning to ChempaxVB.NET
114 Understanding Your Data Workshop
115 Financial Statements Workshop
116 Customer Service Forum 
117 Catching Up With Chempax
118 ChempaxVB.NET - Introductory Workshop*
119 Manufacturers Forum  
120 Document Management
121 ChempaxVB.NET - Advanced Workshop*
122 Intermediate/Advanced MS Access Techniques  Workshop


123 eChempax Opening - Part I
124 eChempax Opening - Part II
125 Test Your Knowledge
126 Managing eChempax - Basic
127 Rapid Fire 
128 Managing eChempax - Advanced
129 Price Analysis, Price Sheets, & Updating Prices in Chempax 


Thursday, May 18th

Chempax C/S
201  EDI Forum
202  Mastering NRI Workshop
203  Catching Up with Chempax On Your Own Workshop*
204  Chempax DB Administration
205  Portal Guided Tour Workshop
206  Crystal Reports Introduction for Beginners Workshop
207  Serial Container Forum
208  Order Entry Overview
209  Business Intelligence Data Analysis Guided Tour Workshop
210 Using Wireless Chempax C/S to Stage and Ship Inventory
211  Crystal Reports for Advanced Users Workshop
212  Plant Maintenance Introduction Forum 
213  Plant Maintenance Advanced Forum 
214  Module Control Overview Guided Tour Workshop
215 New Feature Test Track Workshop 
216  Chempax C/S One-On-One Support Sessions 

Chempax VB
217 Tracking Non-Conformance 
218 Chempax Administration
219 Customizing Chempax VB Reports in MS Access Workshop*
220 Accounting Forum  
221 Implementing Barcoding
222 Electronic Interfaces
223 End of Period Procedures / Financial Reconciliation
224 Topics for Chemical Distributors - Group Discussion
225 Database Maintenance and Archiving 
226 Customizing Chempax Screens Workshop
227 Inventory Posting with Purchasing and AP
228 ISO Compliance - Group Discussion
229 Choosing Custom Options
230 ChempaxVB.NET - Introductory Workshop*
231 Sales Analysis and Forecasting
232 Chempax VB Customer Management with eChempax
233 Inventory Management Methodologies / Material Resource Planning
234 ChempaxVB.NET - Advanced Workshop*
235 Tracking Chempax VB Transaction and Data 
236 New Feature Test Track Workshop 
237 Chempax VB One-On-One Support Sessions


eChempax Open Forum: Panel Discussion (No registration is required. Stop by!)
238 eChempax Diagnostics 
239 An Introduction to eChempax
240 Understanding & Managing E-Mail in eChempax 
241 Opportunities & Sales Leads 
242 eChempax Mobile 
243 Using Notes & Tasks in eChempax 
244 Projects and Scores 
245 eChempax Customer Portal 
246 The View 
247 An Introduction to eChempax Traveler 
248 Working with eChempax Reports 
249 How Do I…?  


Friday, May 19th

Chempax C/S
301 What’s New and Top Ten Requests - Part IV
302 Datacor’s Favorite Things
303 Platform Discussion


Chempax VB
304 Analyzing Chempax Data Using MS Excel  Workshop*
305 Inventory Tracking and Aging
306 Managing Cost and Price Changes
307 Administration/Information Technology (IT) Forum  
308 AR Collections / Credit Card Processing 
309 Physical Inventory / Cycle Counting
310 Customizing ChempaxVB.NET Reports Using Crystal Reports Workshop
311 Chempax VB Wrap-up


312 Contact Management & Prospect Tracking 
313 eChempax Sales & Margin Analysis 
314 eChempax Wrap Up 


NOTE: Classes with an Astrisk* will be offered twice during the conference giving you more flexibility when choosing your classes for the week.