Credit Card Processing Made Easy

  • Are you using a third party website, card reader, or paper forms to charge customer credit cards?
  • Does it take you minutes per transaction to pull an invoice or order, charge a card in some other system, and then settle out the charge in Chempax?
  • Do you not even accept cards because you haven’t been able to find a secure low cost way to do it?
  • Do you hesitate to bring on new customers with unproven credit?
  • Do you spend hours per week chasing down payment for small orders or from slow payers?

Come learn how to use Chempax’s integrated credit card processing solution to save time, improve cash flow and increase sales. Store cards securely, track transactions, charge a card and settle out A/R with one click, and manage ad hoc customers or customers with bad credit. All from within Chempax!

Join us for our FREE Webinar  on Thursday, November 29th at 2:00 PM EDT to learn how to use strategic credit card acceptance to save time and grow your business!




Did You Know?

Over 50 Datacor customers already utilize Chempax Integrated Credit Card Processing and report the following:



Time Saved


Improved Working Capital


Lowered Fees

Average of 90 seconds saved per A/R item processed compared to using non-integrated credit card processing

Average working capital improvement of $100K vs. not accepting credit cards

Average fee reduction of 0.23% vs. existing processing solutions, can amount to $1,000's per year saved


Key Features:

  • Securely store credit cards on customer profiles
  • Charge customers' credit cards and apply to open A/R items all at once
  • Ability to charge transaction fees to customers offsets cost of processing
  • Selective permission allows you to control who can mange credit card information 



  • Save time by storing and charging credit cards directly within Chempax VB using PCI tokenization technology
  • Speed up receivables by collecting funds 30-45 days faster than with Check or ACH
  • Reduce time wasted on collections by requiring credit cards for authorization from slow payers
  • Track and trace all credit card processing directly within Chempax VB


Note: If you are unable to tune in to the live webinar, don't worry! We'll be providing a recording of the webinar to all those who register.

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