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Datacor CRM Rate of Change Analysis & Microeconomics Webinar

Business cycles are the rise and fall in production output of goods and services in an economy. According to the economics at ITR Economics, the stages in the business cycle include expansion, peak, contraction, depression, trough, and recovery. The advantage of knowing where your company stands in the cycle is imperative to forecasting and preparing for the next phase of the cycle.



On-Demand Webinar

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Join Datacor’s Dan McCusker for a complimentary webinar, Datacor CRM Rate of Change Analysis & Microeconomics. During the webinar, Dan will provide an overview of the business cycle phases and demonstrate how to use Datacor CRM’s new Business Cycle Analysis tool to determine your company’s phase position. Then, Dan will show you how to use this data to analyze your business and get a real jump on the competition.