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Maintaining Your Margins

Effective management of profit margins is a multi-faceted process under constant pressure. Given the volatility of raw material costs over the last couple of years, along with the sudden change in demand and the altered work environment due to Covid-19, staying ahead of changing costs presents a constant challenge.

In this eBook, we examine the complexities of maintaining profits in today’s volatility marketplace. You’ll discover how an effective ERP system can defend profits by delivering accurate information and expediting implementation decisions.

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Consider 5 factors

Inside this eBook, we'll cover the many factors that companies must address when changing prices to maintain margins, such as:

  • Accurate Costing
  • Constant Vigilance of Margins
  • Knowledge of Raw Material Changes Affecting Finished Goods
  • Changes to Customer Prices
  • Communication with Sales Team and Distribution Channels
  • Customer Notification

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