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Datacor CRM

What's New from InterAXions 2019

One of the best parts of InterAXions is sharing new features and updates available in Datacor CRM with our customers. In this post, we’ll give a run-down of some of these new features and highlight how they will improve your experience in Datacor CRM.

Posted by Caitlin O'Donnell

July 16, 2019

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Traveler Performance Panels

Datacor CRM Traveler offers a robust toolkit to monitor your sales performance and seize open opportunities. Upon launching the application, the Traveler Center displays several high-level key performance indicators you can use to prioritize tasks and keep track of how you’re performing. It provides a quick and easy way to see Sales, Orders, Opportunities and Customer activity in one concise view. In this edition of Newsbreaks, we’ll take a deeper look at how to use the Traveler Performance Panels.

Posted by Caitlin O'Donnell

February 19, 2019

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Pre-Call Sales Planning with Datacor CRM

Making sales calls is the number one duty listed on every sales position job description. Whether it’s cold calling, talking to warm leads or even checking in on current customers, pre-call preparation is crucial to productive conversations. Datacor CRM provides several tools for your sales team to prepare for each and every call. Read on for the steps to successful pre-call planning with prospects and customers!

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Posted by Caitlin O'Donnell

November 20, 2018

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What's New from InterAXions 2018

At InterAXions 2018, Datacor announced a variety of new Datacor CRM features that will enhance the user’s experience and allow them to be more productive and efficient. This Newsbreak edition will highlight several of these improvements, including the Customer Product Detail Report, tools for managing notes and opportunities, Datacor CRM Traveler and Power BI, Datacor CRM Traveler sales data, and more.

Posted by Caitlin O'Donnell

June 15, 2018

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