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Introducing Datacor CRM Premium

February 27, 2020 by Caitlin O'Donnell

Over the last few years, we have recognized that our customers have different requirements of their CRM based on their company’s unique needs. To that end, we have developed the optional Datacor CRM Premium plan to accommodate customers who require deeper analytics and connectivity to their business operations across multiple platforms.

Datacor CRM Premium includes all the features you’re accustomed to in Datacor CRM Standard PLUS:

  • API: Integrate Datacor CRM with your website forms
  • Data Warehousing: Automated Nightly Database Download
  • Direct Email -CRM Integration: Transfer and save email in Datacor CRM without CRM Traveler.
  • Google Maps Integration in Datacor CRM

In this Newsbreak, we’re going to delve into these additional features available to you on the Datacor CRM Premium plan.

API (Application Programming Interface)

An API is a web-based interface that allows for Datacor CRM integration with other applications such as a corporate website, corporate intranet, or other third-party applications. The API available with Datacor CRM Premium allows forms on your corporate website to directly link to Datacor CRM. This API is designed to:

  1. Push data from your corporate website, such as a Contact Us or Sample Request form, to Datacor CRM, creating any of the following items:
    • Prospects
    • Contacts
    • Notes (with products & free fields)
    • Opportunities (with products & free fields)
  2. Pull product information from Datacor CRM to display on your corporate website. For example, a list of available products on a Sample Request form.

For CRM Lead creation, the API functionality can be set up according to preference. Administrators and select end users have the option to manually review, edit, and accept the data from the web forms prior to lead creation. It can also be set up such that the API automatically creates leads from web form submissions, without user intervention.


How Do I Set Up an API with Datacor CRM Premium?

  • Acquire Premium License
  • CRM Support will
    • Activate
    • Engage with Third Party
    • Test API 
    • Go Live with API

Data Warehousing

To facilitate reporting and analysis, Datacor CRM Premium offers an option to download the CRM database automatically each night. This includes all information that is maintained exclusively within the CRM application (notes, opportunities, price sheets, prospects, etc.). It does not include data sourced from the ERP system (customer master, product master, orders, invoices, sales, etc.). However, a separate reports database can be created to allow for access to both ERP and CRM data. The image below illustrates the recommended setup.


  • The auto-database download is part of the synchronization process that is managed by the CRM Transfer Client on the ERP server. It is configured and activated by Datacor.
  • CRM data is transferred to an Access database on the ERP server (location defined in a configuration file).
  • CRM Administration has options for initializing the destination Access database and controlling which CRM tables will be included.
  • Each night, a job runs to identify and collect those records that have changed in the CRM application since the last synchronization. These are subsequently downloaded to the destination Access database on the ERP server.

Direct Email – CRM Integration

CRM Traveler currently supports the ability to transfer and save Outlook email in Datacor CRM for both Standard and Premium plans. These items can be cataloged as email (visible on Mail tabs) or notes (visible on Notebook tabs), controlled by the Traveler user. Email is collected for transfer if any sender or recipient email address (including Cc and Bcc) matches any customer, supplier, or prospect contact email address in CRM Traveler.

The Direct Email – CRM Integration feature in Datacor CRM Premium allows the user to transfer and save customer and prospect email in Datacor CRM from any device, without CRM Traveler. These items can be cataloged as email (visible on Mail tabs) or notes (visible on Notebook tabs), based on a system level setting. When composing, forwarding, or replying to an email, the user enters a special Datacor CRM email address in the BCC field. Datacor CRM receives a copy of the email and processes the item accordingly.

Google Maps Integration with Datacor CRM

Google Maps integration is currently supported in CRM Traveler, and in early stages of development for Datacor CRM Premium. We anticipate this feature to be available in the second quarter of 2020.


What’s Available in Traveler Maps (Coming Soon in Datacor CRM)

  • Companies Nearby Alert: Get a notification that other companies are in the area (based on device location settings and proximity distance). Like other Traveler alerts, it can be optionally displayed on the planner page.
  • Map Note and Opportunity Companies: For example, filter the notebook to display visit notes, or subset the opportunity list to include those items where the sales stage hasn’t changed for a given period, and plot those companies on a map.
  • Display Companies Nearby: Click the map to view other companies in the area, based on proximity distance from the click point. This is useful in pre-call planning if traveling to another city.
  • Tools > Current Location Option: Display the current location on a map, with other companies nearby. Results are based on the device location settings.
To learn more about CRM Premium, join us at InterAXions 2020 or please email CRM-Support.

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Caitlin O'Donnell

Written by Caitlin O'Donnell


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