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Traveler Performance Panels

February 19, 2019 by Caitlin O'Donnell

Datacor CRM Traveler offers a robust toolkit to monitor your sales performance and seize open opportunities. Upon launching the application, the Traveler Center displays several high-level key performance indicators you can use to prioritize tasks and keep track of how you’re performing. It provides a quick and easy way to see Sales, Orders, Opportunities and Customer activity in one concise view. In this edition of Newsbreaks, we’ll take a deeper look at how to use the Traveler Performance Panels.


Traveler Center > Sales Performance Panel

  • What Does It Do? Tracks and measures sales performance by sales $, profit $, or volume.
  • Why Should I Use It? Discover meaningful patterns to drive future sales decisions.
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The key to sales growth is knowing what works and what doesn’t. The sales performance panel provides a summary view of current year sales vs. the previous year allowing you to spot trends quickly.

02_salespanelAt the top left of your Traveler Center, you’ll notice the Sales Performance panel showing a brief snapshot of your current sales. To adjust the variable the data is based on, simply select the settings icon in the lower-right to configure the panel. For example, base the panel sales on an individual sales agent or sales group. This allows you to analyze your sales data from different viewpoints. Is one sales rep outperforming the others? Is your company more successful with sales in a specific region? Change your variables to see trends and patterns.


03_$iconDelve deeper into your sales performance month over month by clicking the primary label in the panel (Sales $, Profit $, or Volume). Here you can view the raw data in both chart and spreadsheet format. Tools are also provided to share, print, and save this information. If you notice major differences in trends, or your performance month to month or by year – consider what could account for those changes.


04_trendiconThe sales panel also contains a trend arrow. The Green arrow indicates growth in Sales and the Red arrow indicates reduction in Sales. Click on the arrow and the following screen appears. Click the trend arrow to view a variety of analytics for identifying trends in profit, volume, and sales dollars over a specified period.


Traveler Center > Order Performance Panel

  • What Does It Do? Displays the total dollars of all open orders and the total dollars of open orders scheduled to ship within a configurable period.
  • Why Should I Use It? Keep track of orders moving through the pipeline.
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08_ordericonThe Order panel shows the total merchandise amount of open orders based on a sales agent or group. Click the Order $ label to view a chart the illustrates monthly sales and open order values over a two-year period. This is very useful for planning purposes and for comparing current year performance to the prior year.


The panel metrics can be configured by clicking the settings icon in the lower-right. Here you can choose the period for orders scheduled to ship, or base the order data on an individual or group if you are a sales manager.

Traveler Center > Opportunity Performance Panel

  • What Does It Do? Shows total value of open opportunities owned by the current user with percent probability of closing.
  • Why Should I Use It? Know the value and probability of open opportunities.
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10_oppsiconThe Opportunity Performance Panel displays the dollar value of the opportunities owned by the current user with % probability greater than a configurable amount (40% is the example below). This panel also displays a separate total for opportunities expected to close within a configurable period. In this example, opportunities that total $27,000 are expected to close within the next 60 days. 57.1% is the success rate for opportunities that have been closed to date.

As with the Sales and Order panels, configure the panel view by selecting the settings icon in the lower right-hand corner of the panel.  Here you can change the % probability and define the period in which the opportunities are expected to close.

Opportunity Forecast

Clicking the Opportunity $ label opens the opportunity forecast chart. Opportunity forecasts are useful to see the time periods when the opportunities are expected to close. This is defined by the current user’s Entered and Closed Won opportunities where the expected revenue span (close date plus period) falls within the chart period. The opportunity totals are divided by the opportunity period to set the monthly figures on the chart. The Value and Profit probabilities are weighted.11_oppforecast

Traveler Center > Customer Performance Panel

  • What Does It Do? Tracks the total number of active customers and the number of active customers that have not placed an order within a configurable period.
  • Why Should I Use It? Know which customers to follow up with to close sales and to track customers that have not been ordering.
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12_custiconThe Customer Performance Panel displays the number of active customers, based on either the current sales agent or all authorized accounts, and the number of active customers that have not placed an order within a configurable period. In this example, 64% of customers have not ordered in the past 60 days. Having this snapshot allows you to quickly drill down to see which customers you need to contact, rather than painstakingly comparing spreadsheets from previous sales.

13_custmapiconWho are the customers that have not ordered within the period? Traveler’s integration with Google Maps allows you to view the list on a map for a quick glance into what region is lagging on orders and to plan a strategy to contact them. Simply click the number to display them on a map or copy them to memory and load them in the Customers grid of the Concourse for further analysis.



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Caitlin O'Donnell

Written by Caitlin O'Donnell


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