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Datacor ERP C/S

What's New from InterAXions 2018

July 18, 2018 by Caitlin O'Donnell

In an effort to continue providing our customers the best-in-class functionality and services, we introduced and discussed many new Datacor ERP C/S features and developments at InterAXions 2018. Some of the notable enhancements include a new interface look and feel for Datacor ERP C/S and the new Software Changes Report. These new developments enable businesses to be more productive and efficient and gain better insight into their business. 

Software Changes Report

Want to review changes to Datacor ERP C/S? You can run the Software Changes Report to see changes in new releases of Datacor ERP C/S. This report produces a list, by Module ID and Release Date (newest to oldest), of changes to Datacor ERP C/S that have been released. It includes the Menu Description, Issue Number, Change Description, and earliest release containing the change. Therefore, you can always view the latest changes and ensure you’re utilizing all potential functions and features of Datacor ERP C/S.


newinterfaceNew Interface Look & Feel

The new Datacor ERP C/S interface has a cleaner and more modern appearance. With this new tabbed interface, users receive the following advantages:

  • Easier Identification with Labeled Buttons
  • View Multiple Portals at Once
  • Easier Navigation Between Screens
  • Improved Window Management
  • Quickly See if Screen is Already Open - No More Hidden Screens
  • Improved Report Output to Screen with Report Name and Time Stamp
  • Increased Remark Visibility and Remark Update Capabilities
  • Run On-Line Help and eChempax within a Tab

Tabbed Interface

When accessing a screen, a new tab opens next to the original opened program. For example, the Customer Portal opens in a new tab next to the Customer Maintenance tab.



Side By Side Screen View

Users can easily arrange tabs side by side for easier viewing and analysis.sidebyside

Ribbon Menu

dtutabThe new Datacor ERP C/S interface features a ribbon like menu, similar to MS Office, which provides users with a more intuitive menu. All menu options have a graphical icon and are clearly labeled so users can identify the menu options much faster. Menu options related to each ribbon category are grouped together making it easier to find what you are looking for. 


Remarks Grid

The new Datacor ERP C/S interface includes a new remarks grid at the bottom of the screen showing all related remarks for a selected Customer, Suppler, Product, Order, etc. 


Filter Remarks

Find a specific remark(s) quickly by filtering data to show only those remarks containing entered text. 


Edit Remarks

Quickly and easily edit remarks straight from the grid itself via the content menu mouse click.


Customer / Supplier / Product Drop Down

The Customer/Supplier/Product Drop Down has been updated to allow a user to toggle between showing All or Only Active Records by pressing F9. 


Updated Screens

The Datacor ERP C/S development team is working hard on updating all screens to the new interface. Screens will be rolled out as soon as they have been converted. The following are examples of screens that have been updated. 

New Remarks Maintenance

Streamline the maintenance of master data remarks with the new Remarks Maintenance program. Users can view all master data remarks from a single screen and update regular and standard remarks. 


Transaction Remarks Visibility

 A remarks grid has been added to the screen showing all header and trailer remarks for the selected transaction. Quickly review all remarks and associated documents in a single grid without having to do multiple drill downs. 



Order Entry Report

All NRI report screens have been updated to the new interface look and feel.23

Report Output

Report Output Screen opens in a tab with a time stamp to help differentiate between repeat output results(ex. 08:18 vs. 08:21).


Additional Updated Screens

The following images are additional examples of screens that have been updated with the new tabbed interface. The updated interface will be included in Datacor ERP C/S 2018-01, scheduled for release in Q4 2018. 


If you have questions, please e-mail cs-support@datacor.com  or call us at (973) 822-1551.


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Caitlin O'Donnell

Written by Caitlin O'Donnell


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