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Datacor ERP C/S

What's New from InterAXions 2019

June 6, 2019 by Caitlin O'Donnell

At Datacor, we take our customers suggestions to improve Datacor ERP very seriously. After collecting a list of requests from the conference attendees, we introduced and discussed many new Datacor ERP C/S features and developments at InterAXions 2019.  There's SO much to share, we have to break this into two parts! Take a look at Part I to see what’s new in specific modules.

Next week, we'll share new System features and updates.

To learn more about any of the features below, please head over to the Datacor ERP C/S online help.


Invoice to Voucher Maintenance

  • What’s New? You can now create invoice items for P.O. receipts prior to the actual receipt creation within Datacor ERP C/S.
  • Why Should I Use It? Eliminate multiple entry attempts while waiting for the PO to be receipted and posted.VM-01

Invoice to Voucher Release

  • What’s New? Release invoice items created in Invoice to Voucher Maintenance and automatically generate vouchers.
  • Why Should I Use It? Leverage the Matched Status functionality to quickly create vouchers for all matching accruals and then process the exceptions all from one screen.VR

Voucher Entry from Order Shipment/Voucher Entry from P.O. Receipt

  • What’s New? You can now edit the expense account remarks on the G/L Distribution Screen.
  • Why Should I Use It? Save time by editing a description on the entry of the original voucher rather than going to voucher maintenance.VE


Payment Analysis Report

  • What’s New? Added “Days Past Due” Column (Payment Date - Due Date) and “Days to Pay” Column (Payment Date - Invoice Date) to the Excel output.
  • Why Should I Use It? Allows quicker and clearer analysis of customer payments.PaymentAnalyisis


Detail/Inquiry Report

    • What’s New? Enhanced to include transaction details for LI accounts if using sub-ledgers and running Sub-Ledgers with Detail.
    • Why Should I Use It? Provides transparency on material vs. freight costs.

Print or Export Financial Reports

  • What’s New? Added ACTUALS ROLLING column which will allow display of the last 12/13 periods.
  • Why Should I Use It? Saves time in preparing monthly financial statements.PrintRep


Credit Status Evaluation

  • What’s New? Ability to place orders on manual hold.
  • Why Should I Use It? Provides clear communication and transparency between departments as this action alerts others that there is an issue with the order.CreditStatus

Pre-Shipment SDS Print (Crystal)

  • What’s New? Added Customer Product option to allow for ad-hoc SDS distribution.
  • Why Should I Use It? Provides the opportunity to email SDS(s) to a Customer Contact upon request.PreShipSDS2

Order Maintenance

  • What’s New? Enhanced Order Maintenance to ask user if they want to open Purchase Order Maintenance when updating or cancelling a direct order if a related direct P.O. exists.
  • Why Should I Use It? Streamline order maintenance process with quicker access to P.O. Maintenance.

Blanket Order Acknowledgement

  • What’s New? The Blanket Order Acknowledgement Print screen is used to generate Order Acknowledgments for open blanket orders.
  • Why Should I Use It? Enhance customer service and communication by sending customers an order acknowledgment document for a blanket order.
  • I Want to Learn More!

The generated document will display ordered quantity and merchandise amounts. The document will also display any defined releases for the blanket order. Datacor ERP C/S ships with a standard Blanket-Order-Ack.rpt Crystal Reports file that can be modified to meet your company's needs.Blanket

Automated Delivery of Cloned Documents

  • What’s New? The ability to assign only the clone document to specific contacts so the recipients are not determined by the original document's contact list.
  • Why Should I Use It? Easily send documents via Automated Output cloned documents to contacts different from those who received the original document.DocMaintenance1



Purchase Order Detail Inquiry

  • What’s New? P.O. fill-in/drop-down added to assist in selecting P.O Receipt # and added additional P.O. Receipt # drop-down button to only show P.O. Receipts for the chosen P.O. #.
  • Why Should I Use It? Find Purchase Order information faster. Filter the list of receipts to only those pertaining to the selected Purchase Order.POReceiptInq

Receipt Cancel

  • What’s New? Enhanced to display a list of warehouse/product/lot/location with insufficient on-hand inventory when performing P.O. Receipt Cancel.
  • Why Should I Use It? Know instantly which product’s inventory is insufficient when canceling a P.O. Receipt.ReceiptCancel

Non-Inventory Purchase Order Receipt Inquiry/Purchase Order Receipt Inquiry

  • What’s New? Added Voucher Details option to show A/P vouchers linked to a P.O. Receipt.
  • Why Should I Use It? Quickly see A/P vouchers linked to a PO receipt, for both inventory & non-inventory PO receipts.NonInvPOReceiptInq

 See you next week for What's New from InterAXions - Part II! In the meantime, be sure to check out previous Datacor ERP C/S Newsbreaks.

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Caitlin O'Donnell

Written by Caitlin O'Donnell


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