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Datacor ERP VB

.NET Inquiries Are Here!

18 inquiry programs have been newly released along with 6 revamped programs across 9 different modules. Each inquiry program displays in a grid format which supports filtering (B), sorting (C) and in most cases, adding custom columns. The .NET ribbon includes buttons to view attachments, comments and the change log by entity (D) or entities (E). Depending upon the program, there may also be drilldowns (A) to related Portals, Actions and Inquiries. Some grids provide detail (trailer) information that can be expanded by clicking the node or combined into one row with Flat Rows.

The image below shows Stock Status (IC5). Note that for this program, attachments, comments and change log are available for both the product and the selected warehouse product. A lower grid displays the transactions related to the warehouse product. There is also a converter dropdown to convert the quantities to a different unit of measure.


Posted by Stephanie Phipps

July 22, 2021

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Schedule Automatic Report Runs with Our New .NET Server Tasks

We’re excited to share we’ve released two more .NET programs in the Administration Module: Server Tasks (AD7) and Server Tasks History (AD8). These improved programs allow you to easily schedule automatic runs of .NET reports and report definitions and view a status log of all task steps and tasks that were run within the last 30 days. In this Newsbreak, we look a little closer at these two updates.

Posted by Stephanie Phipps

February 16, 2021

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Now Available in .NET: Credit Hold Maintenance (AR4)

Credit Hold Maintenance (AR4) is the latest AR program to be added to .NET. This program allows a user to review and update the credit status of sales orders. With this addition, all AR entry and report programs can now be accessed in .NET. In this Newsbreak, we'll break down the newly designed AR4 and how it will simplify your credit hold process.

Posted by Stephanie Phipps

September 30, 2020

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5 New Programs Added to VB.NET

Five new programs have just been released in .NET with additional features and functionality compared to their Legacy counterparts!  In this Newsbreak, we’re going to dive into these programs, AP Vouchers (AP1), Select Item to Pay (AP2), Cash Receipts (AR1), Cash Receipts GL (AR2), and Future Price Maintenance (PR1).

Posted by Stephanie Phipps

January 21, 2020

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