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What's New from InterAXions 2019

June 3, 2019 by Caitlin O'Donnell

It’s official! The 25th annual InterAXions user conference was a great success.  The Chempax VB team declared 2019 as the year of .NET and offered most workshops, seminars, group discussions, module training, and test track sessions in .NET only.   Here are some highlights from the conference:

  • New .NET Programs Debut - In addition to the .NET programs already in the AD, CN, FM, IC, NC, PM, RP, and QC modules,  .NET programs for Batch Manufacturing, Purchasing and Pricing debuted and will be available soon. There is still time to volunteer for beta testing and provide feedback for these new programs.  If interested, contact vbsupport@datacor.com.   PurchaseOrder
  • Help File - Also making a first appearance at InterAXions was the new .NET online Help File! The Help File was highlighted at the opening session and was available during the Test Track. It features a task-oriented structure, three ways to search, and indexed topics to better communicate new updates and new functionality.  Access is now available for all ChempaxVB.NET users from Help > Online Help (for those with a compile date of 5/30/19 or later).HelpFile
  • Purchase Requisitions - In the works is a brand-new Purchase Requisitions program to allow a user to create purchase orders from purchase requisitions for supplies, raw materials, and equipment. This will be available before the end of the year and is a .NET-only program.
  • Report Upgrades - Improvements are being made to the standard reports to enhance performance and provide additional functionality. Many reports have already been converted to Crystal Reports and .NET. The remaining reports will be completed by the beginning of 2020.
  • Additional Program Development  - .NET development has begun for many Inquiry programs in the AR, AP, and OE. These inquiry and various GL programs will be available for use in the near future.
  • Chempax Background Service - The Chempax Background Service (CBS) is in development to replace and vastly improve upon the Legacy Background processor and scheduled tasks.
  • Job Procedures - To work with CBS, the Job Procedures (AD7) program is being converted to .NET. It will also have added functionality.
  • Barcoding - A new Barcoding menu has already been added to .NET and now includes an expanded suite of functions. This replaces the PW module in Legacy and is optimized for modern scan devices.BCNet
  • .NET Settings - A new .NET settings program is now available and includes, among other functionality, the ability to display column headings in the search control columns and to exclude all inactive records (in .NET only) by default.SearchControls
  • New .NET Tools - The .NET workshops demonstrated new screen customization options that allow the user to delete, resize and move windows. In addition, a new feature called Open Blank setting (found in most portals) is available. This feature allows a user to open the portal with no data and then use the added search control to populate the grid with specific data, similar to the Legacy inquiry programs.  Seminars included use cases with the new Stock Status and MRP Details widgets.OpenBlank_Widgets
  • Web Service API - The Web Service API was presented with many different applications to be used with .NET programs and will continue to be further developed. 
  • .NET Advantages - .NET programs have better design, performance, and are much improved over the Legacy programs in terms of usability, reliability and extendibility for future growth. As such, new features will be added only in .NET going forward.
  • SQL Server - .NET is being optimized for use with SQL Server and is the preferred option for customers with large amounts of data and/or large number of Chempax users.
  • Restructuring Customer Support - Customer support for ChempaxVB is in the process of being restructured to achieve a more balanced workload among team members, provide more consistent response and handle increasing specialization. The recommended process for our customers is to send emails to vbsupport@datacor.com with all details of the issue.  Phone calls and emails will be ticketed and responded to in order of priority.

Want to try the .NET Interface?

Not using .NET and want to try it?  An Administrator can simply give the Administrator user group permission in AD2 to use AD28.  This will allow the .NET interface to be launched from Favorites > Use .NET Interface.  Once ChempaxVB.NET is open, use the new Online Help and search for “Transition” to get further instructions on how to transition all users, customizations and report definitions to .NET.  

If you have any questions or feedback on these points, please feel free to call Datacor. 

We hope to see you at InterAXions next year on May 12-15, 2020 in Florham Park, NJ! Mark your calendar today.

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Written by Caitlin O'Donnell


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