Bulk Chemicals, Inc. Improves its Bottom Line

A Conversation with Charles Ike, President, and Michelle Slisher, Manager at Bulk Chemicals, Inc.

Bulk Chemicals, Inc. (BCI), based in Reading, Pennsylvania, is in the business of developing, manufacturing, marketing, and servicing specialty chemicals for the treatment of metals for a variety of applications. As the company, which was founded in 1974, broadened its product line and grew in revenues, it needed a business management solution that could integrate the different departments into one cohesive operating unit. The solution: Chempax ERP software, which helped BCI streamline operations, improve workflow, and increase yearly profits.


“Chempax has allowed us to transform the way we manage our business. Chempax software met more of the requirements of our company than any of the competing software products on the market,” said Charles Ike, BCI President.


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Reading, PA

Specialty Metal Treatment Chemicals Manufacturer

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BCI was growing so fast that the company needed business management software that would considerably increase efficiency by streamlining information between departments such as customer service, accounting, inventory, manufacturing, quality control, and research and development. Previously, BCI was using custom software with individual modules that operated separately and was handling the same data multiple times.


“Chempax software has tightly integrated all of our business functions so we now have a much more efficient, streamlined operation. When we need information, it is right at our fingertips,” Ike said.

“From the very beginning of installing Chempax, we have saved time on everything we do,” said Michelle Slisher, BCI Manager who supervises daily operations from customer service to accounting. “We have significantly increased our yearly sales since the installation of Chempax without adding new employees.”


As the person responsible for day-to-day operations of the company, Slisher acknowledges the critical nature of ongoing software support. “The characteristic that distinguishes Datacor from other software vendors is the quality of its support. We have never been left hanging with a problem. It’s wonderful to work with people who care about service after the sale,” she said.

“When we need information it is right at our fingertips.”
- Charles Ike, President

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