Chempax a Time Saver for C & L Aqua Professionals, Inc.

A Conversation with Lacie Perkins, Office Manager at C & L Aqua Professionals, Inc.

Why C & L Aqua Professionals, Inc. Choose Chempax...

For 17 years we have used Peachtree Accounting for our software solution, but it was not industry specific thus forcing us to re-key information and duplicate data into other software packages. A major factor for us in deciding on a new software vendor was to eliminate these redundancies and allow our staff to work more efficiently. We started asking our vendors who they used and the name Datacor kept coming up. We demoed four software vendors and the only software vendor that offered a complete solution was Datacor and their Chempax software. I was most impressed by the fact that Datacor’s customers were very satisfied with their software.

How Chempax Improved C&L Aqua Professionals, Inc’s Operations...

There are numerous ways that Chempax has helped C&L Aqua Pro and LC Blending, our manufacturing company, improve our business processes. With our previous system, we did a lot of double manual entries and logs. With Chempax, the system automatically calculates and tracks that information for us. It has streamlined our business saving us time and increased our efficiency.

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What eChempax Means to C&L Aqua Professionals, Inc…

The availability of information to our sales representative in the field is Priceless. Previously, the sales staff would have to call into the office to ask for customer information, such as previous deliveries and GPS coordinates. It is now literally at their fingertips. And the sales reports are extensive and easy to read.

Lacie’s Favorite Chempax Feature…

As Office Manager, I would say that the special instructions in Order Entry would be one of the best features in Chempax. Our customers have special instructions for everything we deliver and it is impressive how many ways that Chempax can deliver these special instructions. We actually had hard cards for each of our customers to ensure that these special instructions are given to the drivers to follow. Now with Chempax it is automatically printed on the Work Order and the Bill of Lading. 

Datacor’s Staff, “The Chempax People”…

Our training was done 100% via WebEX. Datacor’s staff made it very personal and I felt it was customized to our exact needs and requirements. Datacor staff is extremely knowledgeable and was able to answer every question I asked. Even questions that I didn’t ask were answered!

Why Datacor and C & L Aqua Professionals, Inc. are a Good Match…

You ask if Datacor and C & L Aqua has been a good match. The answer is a definite YES. I feel that the Chempax software was written just for our company. Datacor has already addressed all of the chemical-specific issues we have been battling all these years. We look forward to doing business with Datacor for many years to come.


“I feel that the Chempax software was written just for our company”
- Lacie Perkins, Office Manager


About C & L Aqua Professionals, Inc.

C & L Aqua Professionals, Inc. is a locally owned and operated wholesale chemical distributor and manufacturer in Southwest Louisiana. We sell, manufacture, and deliver water treatment chemicals to over 500 rural customers within the State of Louisiana. C & L Aqua Pro was established in December 1995 when two existing chemical companies merged. We operate from one central location in Sulphur, Louisiana.

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