Deeks & Company Reduces Costs and Gains Efficiency with Chempax

“We previously experienced inefficiencies with our prior system, Take Stock. Now with Chempax, we are providing our employees with a user-friendly, flexible solution they can rely upon to effectively perform their jobs.”
 - Donna Boldt, President 


  • Select an ERP solution provider with deep knowledge of chemical distribution industry.

  • A flexible solution that addresses industry regulations.

  • Improve operational organization and efficiency.

  • Gain better control of inventory levels.


  • Reduced operation costs associated with redundant work.

  • Gained a complete view of inventory that has resulted in a 16% reduction in overall inventory for past 6 months.

  • Streamlined A/R system with new integrated credit card payment module.

  • Improved the creation and distribution of industry-standard Safety Data Sheets (SDS).

  • Become more proactive on sales cycles utilizing detailed sales analysis reports.

  • Improved decision-making by making operations more efficient.

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Stone Mountain, GA

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Chemical Distributor

Chempax VB

“I am very grateful to Datacor, they go the whole way for us by providing useful, practical solutions for our industry.”
- Donna Boldt, President


About Deeks & Company, Inc.

Deeks & Company, Inc. is a Georgia based chemical distributor founded in 1945 .With four offices and warehouses throughout the southeastern United States, they are a source of supply to many industries for the manufacture of everyday products. From paint manufacturers to food processors they provide chemicals and containers to meet their specifications. With over 3000 customers, 2600 products, a highly technical sale force, and a fourth generation in training, Deeks & Company, Inc. is a force to be reckoned with for many years to come.

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