Chempax the Complete Package for Tannin Corporation

A Conversation with John Thompson, Vice President  at Tannin Corporation

Why Tannin Chose Chempax…

We were looking for a solution that handles everything, from shipping to accounting to manufacturing to receiving. We were looking for the whole package and we found it in Chempax.

What Chempax is to Tannin…

Chempax is a solution that manages the entire business for chemical distribution and manufacturing. Chempax does everything from batch tickets to real-time inventory control. Because of Chempax, our customer service representatives know our inventory and communicate to our customers. Chempax handles our warehousing needs from scheduling to picking order to receiving. It’s a great package.


John’s Favorite Chempax Feature…

Chempax standardizes our business. We have locations throughout North America, including Canada and Mexico. At every location we know our employees have the same information in front of them. It’s seamless.

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Datacor’s staff, “The Chempax People”...

They work with us. The Datacor staff does a wonderful job with their implementation, training and ongoing support. They are always available via phone and e-mail. Interaxions, Datacor’s annual Chempax user conference, is a great opportunity to exchange ideas. The people at Datacor are second to none. They are always there to help and go the extra mile.

Why Datacor & Tannin are a Good Fit...

Datacor and Tannin are a good fit for a number of reasons. I think the staff at Datacor is wonderful and attentive to our needs and suggestions. They really understand us. I would definitely suggest Chempax to any chemical company.

What Chempax does for Tannin’s business…

Chempax helps us increase our profitability and efficiency by housing everything in one database that’s accessible to every department from accounting to sales to customer service. Datacor’s CRM solution, eChempax is a great tool for our sales team. With eChempax they can access the data they need from anywhere.

Chempax according to John...

I think Chempax is a great product. I think the people are what make the product and I think Datacor has a good group of people that know how to help their customers.


“Chempax standardizes our business...It's seamless.”
- John Thompson, Vice President


About Tannin Corporation

The largest wet end leather chemical supplier in North America. Product lines include specialty leather, water treatment, basic commodity chemicals, custom blending, manufactured leather and marine chemicals.

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