Datacor Takes The Pain Out of Software Installation

A Conversation with Kirk Izer, Controller at Tilley Chemical

About Tilley Chemical

Tilley Chemical, an independent, privately-owned and managed business located in Baltimore, MD, since 1952, ranks as one of the largest regional chemical distributors in the United States. Tilley distributes a full line of industrial chemicals and solvents including specialty chemicals for the food, pharmaceutical and personal care industries as well as a complete line of industrial and automotive oils and lubricants from leading oil and lubricant producers. Tilley confidentially supports their customers with proprietary product blends including formulation, blending, storage and transportation solutions.



Tilley Chemical was looking for a software solution that would seamlessly integrate their processes without major interruptions to their business. They originally considered multiple vendors but had a long history with Datacor. Tilley purchased Datacor’s Chempax software 15 years ago. “When we made a decision that our software needed upgrading, we again looked to Datacor. They have been providing us with strong technical support since 1991. We knew they would be around to support us for the long term, plus they understand the nuances of the Chemical Industry” states Kirk Izer, Controller of Tilley Chemical.


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Chempax VB


Tilley Chemical purchased Chempax VB and eChempax software from Datacor. “It was a painless installation for our users, we left on Friday and the software was up and running on Monday. Plus, we didn’t have to run parallel systems. The solution also allowed us to maintain historical data. Most importantly, we have seen work flow improvements such as paperless order entry and reduction of overtime,” states Kirk. Tilley also is using Datacor’s eChempax solution. eChempax gives their sales force access to up to date customer account data virtually anywhere, anytime. “Our sales force is better prepared for their sales calls. eChempax not only puts customer information at their fingertips but has reduced order errors and the number of calls our Sales Reps need to make to the office, creating less interruptions with office staff. They are now able to find information, request samples, send e-mails via eChempax, all of which was previously done by phone,” states Kirk. The employees at Tilley Chemical have been very satisfied with the software installation. “Because eChempax is web based and uses information in Chempax VB, implementation is a snap. We use Datacor to host eChempax; eliminating the need to maintain a server in-house. Very little IT support is required once it is up and running and all software updates are managed by Datacor. Deployment to the end user is quick and painless.”



Kirk credits Chempax as a contributing factor to the company’s success. “Our business has seen a lot of growth since 1991 and the Chempax software has helped us to cost effectively position our company for that growth up to now and into the foreseeable future. This tool has no doubt been a contributing factor to our record success in 2006.”


“Datacor knows the nuances of the Chemical Industry plus deployment is quick and painless.”
- Kirk Izer, Controller

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