Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an essential tool to nurture customer satisfaction and loyalty. By extending your enterprise system capabilities to your sales team and management, they will be more informed and better equipped to service your customers. eChempax is your virtual office on the go and is fully integrated with Chempax ERP software. From a single screen, you can immediately access customers, products, pricing, orders, invoices, receivables, sales data, remarks, notes and call reports. Whether in the office or on the go, data is at your fingertips. Let eChempax help you find new customers, close sales faster and build long lasting, profitable relationships by identifying trends, problems and opportunities in your market.



  • Industry Specific - We have carefully applied our chemical industry technical and business experience to the development of eChempax for more than 30 years.

  • Collaborative Information Sharing - Retrieve, view and analyze important business information from one centralized location. Allow your decision makers to find solutions with confidence and drive business success.

  • Fully Integrated & Automated Systems - A seamless integration with our Chempax ERP software. The automated data synchronization system works in the background to manage and monitor the data in both Chempax and eChempax.

  • Security - Transactions and data within eChempax are soundly secured using sophisticated encryption methods, digital certificates and firewalls.

  • Mobile Access - Whether on the golf course or on a beach in Hawaii, access your real-time data anytime, anywhere from your mobile device.

  • Express Deployment - Deployment is a simple and efficient process that allows you to extend your business to customers, vendors and sales agents within a period of a few days.


Core Features:

  • Sales & Margin Analysis

  • Opportunity Tracking

  • Price Management

  • Calendar & Scheduling

  • Customer Management

  • Note & Task Management

  • Call Reports

  • Prospect Tracking

  • Sales Agent History

  • Product Catalog

  • Quote Requests

  • Purchase History

  • Target Advertising

  • SDS / C of A

  • Special Pricing

  • Order Processing

  • Sample Requests

  • Order Status



Product Demos

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Product Demos

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Success Stories

Success Stories

"We are a sales and customer service focused business and eChempax has improved efficiency, increased productivity and has helped us grow overall."

-Laurie Morones | Dowd & Guild, Inc.


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