Datacor has experience working with a wide range of companies up and down the supply chain in the food industry. For producers looking to gain complete control over their batch process manufacturing, scheduling, ingredients list, financing and everything in between, Datacor’s ERP and CRM solutions bring all business processes and best practices under a single source for meeting your company’s needs. With our expertise in partnering with many food and beverage companies over the years and our commitment to staying up to date with IFT and IBIE, innovation and evolving industry challenges, Datacor is your resource for specialized ERP and CRM technology.

Key Benefits

  • Approach raw materials from a new angle with easy-to-use formula management capabilities
  • Achieve hassle-free regulatory compliance including FDA software validation
  • Attain dynamic production scheduling
  • Automate batch generation from order entry or MRP
  • Cut costs, improve yields and increase savings through complete inventory management
  • Ensure top quality and full traceability with reliable cradle-to-grave lot tracking

Industries Served

  • Bakery
  • Beverages
  • Flavors/Fragrances
  • Ingredients
Food &  Beverage@2x