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Mobile Warehouse Management System

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A warehouse management system (WMS) is a software solution designed to support and optimize warehouse functionality and distribution center management. A WMS solution, tightly integrated with Datacor ERP, optimizes day-to-day warehouse operations and provides real-time visibility and tracking of inventory.

Datacor WMS allows warehouse workers to record inventory transactions in real-time, where the work is being performed, via a mobile device. With an intuitive user interface and built-in validation, the product helps manufacturers & distributors drive toward accurate, real-time inventory visibility. Common transactions such as purchase receipt, physical inventory, location transfer, order picking, and inventory lookups are performed. Built as a native mobile application, the solution can be deployed to a variety of devices for different use cases.

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The Preferred WMS Solution

Reduce manual paperwork and human error with hand-held barcode scanning

Improve order fill rates and fulfillment accuracy

Record data in real-time providing traceability of inventory movements and transactions

Reduce labor costs associated with searching for inventory, updating manual sheets, and incorrect inventory

Reduce risk & costs associated with late, missed, or incorrect shipments and related premium freight costs



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