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Dynamic MES for Process Manufacturers.

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A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is a type of software used in modern manufacturing to track and document the transformation of raw materials into finished goods. A closely integrated MES -ERP solution gives process manufacturers a comprehensive toolset to make the right technical, strategic, and operational decisions throughout the production process.

Built with lean manufacturing practices at its core, Datacor MES, also known as Batch Production, digitizes manufacturing processes and provides production teams with operational visibility with real-time data and control. A mobile-first approach enables all production activities to be captured in real-time where the work is being performed. Built-in validation and automation eliminate waste throughout the entire manufacturing enterprise.

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What You Get with Datacor MES

  • Digitized and automated batch production, filing and packing operations
  • Complete shop floor control and visibility into your production lifecycle
  • Improved labor utilization and efficiency
  • Centralized processes and automated data collection

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The Preferred MES Solution

Intuitive workflows between systems, people, and processes ensured by Automatic Batch Receipt entry into Datacor ERP

Electronically control production documents such as batch tickets, work instructions, and safety data sheets. Reduce or eliminate paperwork on the shop floor

Record shop floor activities in real-time allowing stakeholders to see real-time inventory levels, machine status, and batch status

Improve efficiency, inventory accuracy and executive decision-making

Integrate government reporting requirements with business operations for hassle-free compliance

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