Protect Your Critical Data


Backup & Recovery

Datacor, through a partnership with LiveVault®, offers an online backup and recovery service that safeguards your valuable company data to the highest standards in the industry. The total cost and potential risk of data loss are very real. Gartner estimates that two out of five enterprises that experience a disaster will go out of business in five years (Gartner Group, Aftermath: Disaster Recovery).


About HP Autonomy

HP Autonomy is a global leader in software that processes unstructured human information. From information analytics to eDiscovery, regulatory compliance, marketing optimization, and data protection, HP Autonomy helps your business reduce risk. Please visit to learn more about their data protection solutions and other offerings.


LiveVault, a HP Autonomy solution, provides online backup and recovery for small and mid-sized businesses and enterprises with remote offices. LiveVault automates and integrates data backup, offsite protection, archiving and recovery to specifically address the needs of customers whose servers reside outside of major data centers. Thousands of customers representing financial services, insurance, legal and other major industries depend on LiveVault disk-to-disk backup and recovery solutions for 24x7 data protection. With LiveVault, organizations can focus on managing their businesses with complete confidence that their critical business data is always protected.


Safe & Secure Continuous Data Protection

Continuous back-ups of your data from any location.


Fully Automated Backup

Moves data off-site to a secure facility automatically with no staff involvement.


Rapid Restores

Unique technology allows for speedy recovery of complete data that has changed since your last back-up for an even faster restoration.


Built-In Protection of Open Files & Databases

Provides built-in support for open file & database back-up without complex plug-ins or costly third-party tools.


Web-Based Management

Uses a Web portal interface for point-and-click access to your data, at anytime from anywhere.


Extremely High Security

All data is encrypted at the source, in transit and in storage using 256-bit AES encryption, as well as SSL-based VPN tunneling and digital certificates.


Getting Started

Datacor’s new service can be installed quickly, easily, and affordably:


  Set Up & Installation: $250.00 USD
  Monthly Fee (15GB storage): $87.00 USD


Other flexible pricing plans for various data backup requirements are available. Contact Richard Bartley at Datacor for more information:


  Phone: (973) 822-1551
  Fax: (973) 822-3976


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