Datacor delivers software solutions with unmatched functionality for Process Manufacturers and Chemical Distributors.

With over 35 years of industry knowledge and field tested by more than 15,000 users worldwide, our products work the way you do. Utilizing a best in class approach to deployment, Datacor’s products have been refined to provide the right fit for your business and the right answers to your industry-specific challenges. Our applications will go to work for you to streamline and improve all aspects of your business operation. The underlying technology provides stability, flexibility, and power to make Datacor’s products the right solution for you.

Chempax (ERP)

Take steps out of your processes, enhance your visibility and increase your productivity with one application. Datacor’s Chempax ERP software solution features an advanced interface technology that is specifically developed for Chemical distributors and process manufacturers.

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eChempax (CRM)

Today’s fast-paced business environment requires a means to communicate and exchange information quickly and effectively. Datacor’s eChempax CRM software solution unites the power of your enterprise systems with the capabilities of internet technology.

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