Businesses are constantly challenged with protecting critical business applications and data against various causes of downtime.

It is important that you are prepared. It took you a lot of hard work to build your business, don’t throw it away by not being ready.

“93% of companies who lose data access for 10 days or more file for bankruptcy within a year, half file immediately.”


Don’t be a part of this statistic and instead have a plan of action. Disasters can strike at any time, Datacor offers Disaster Recovery Services that will help reduce your risk and costs to your business in the event of a disaster. Our solutions combine high availability and low risk to give you the confidence that your business will continue to run smoothly and efficiently.

Datacor Disaster Recovery Services is your insurance policy against damaging extended business outages. Let us help you when the unexpected happens. We will provide a cloud hosted system with your data within 48 hours of a disaster allowing for full continuity of all mission critical business operations. 

Options Description Benefits Cost
Datacor Disaster Recovery Services

End-to-end disaster recovery services

  • Offsite protection combined with backup
  • RDP Access to Chempax ERP program
  • Mirrored data centers to ensure recoverability
  • Assisted Site setup at time of outage
  • Dedicated Datacor Disaster Representative
  • Cloud access to Chempax
  • Automated service
  • Continuous back-up
  • Reliable data recovery
  • No extra IT staff needed
  • Complete peace of mind
  • $95 per server / per month
  • $8+ per user / per month
Hot Site Customer maintains their own hot site for data backup and retrieval.
  • Secure remote site
  • Complete control
  • Redundancy
  • High: Initial Costs $10,000 +
  • Ongoing $5,000 +
Do Nothing React to the disaster when it happens.  
  • Very High: Cost of each day of lost business
  • High risk of bankruptcy


Datacor Disaster Recovery Services

Datacor offers end-to-end disaster recovery services. Leveraging our partnership with LiveVault we offer a reliable, tape-free server backup with 100% reliable server backup and recovery while eliminating the hassles and burden of tape. This provides continuous, assured data protection and disaster recovery for all your Chempax servers. When the unexpected occurs Datacor will respond within 24 hours to provide a live, Hosted Site transferring your data from LiveVault to allow you full business continuity, for mission critical services, within 48 hours. We will provide real time monitoring from your Datacor dedicated support representative to ensure system reliability. Finally we will act as stewards of your data as you transition from disaster remediation mode to system re-architecture. 


Datacor Disaster Recovery Services


  • Automatic disaster recovery solution, access to Chempax 24-7
  • Secure and confidential encrypted off-site storage
  • Eliminates the burden and risk of data loss
  • Time and money savings with fast cloud file restoration
  • Solution management with Datacor support rep
  • Eliminates hours of backup and restoration responsibilities
  • Reduces the burden on IT staff
  • Ensures viability of full ERP & CRM usage immediately following a disaster


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