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Datacor ERP C/S

Datacor ERP C/S 2018-01 Now Available!

January 16, 2019 by Caitlin O'Donnell

The Datacor ERP C/S 2018-01 release is now available! We’ve added quite a few new features and improvements in this release that add tremendous value to your use of Datacor ERP C/S . From a new interface to better data management, to automated report distribution, this new release has something for everyone.

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New Interface

The new interface improves the way you use Datacor ERP C/S. No need to go in and out of programs as this new interface lets you move seamlessly between programs and data. Listed below are some significant interface changes that improve efficiency and usability:

  • Tab Interface - Open menu options in individual tabs instead of separate windows providing easier navigation between screens and improved window management.
  • Ribbon Navigation - A modern ribbon replaces individual buttons to provide an organized collection of labeled options.
  • Portal and Menu Views - Portals and menu items can now be viewed side-by-side providing greater access to information.
  • Auto-Launch - Leverage the Auto-Launch feature to automatically open frequently used menu options upon login.

Watch the Quick Tour Video

Below is a closer look at some of these exciting features in the new Datacor ERP C/S 2018-01 interface.

Tab Interface

  • What Does It Do? Allows you to have multiple screens open at the same time (like an internet browser).
  • Why Should I Use It? You can easily switch between programs.
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01_tabinterfaceThe Datacor ERP C/S tabbed interface allows users to have multiple screens open at the same time within the application. Users can easily switch between programs by selecting the tab's header at the top of the screen. The following types of programs are available in the Tab Interface:

  • All Portals
  • Tab enabled programs (indicated by appearing in bold text on the Main Menu)
    • Use the Software Changes Report (A/D > Reports) to track newly tab enabled programs. Programs converted to the new tab interface will be marked as “MDI enabled” (Multiple Document Interface).

Tab Groups

The tabbed interface also allows several programs to be open at the same time by utilizing Tab Groups. Programs can appear stacked with Vertical Tab Groups or side-by-side via Horizontal Tab Groups. Tabs can be moved into a different tab group by clicking on the tab header and dragging it to the side of the screen to create a horizontal group or to the bottom or top of the screen to create a vertical group.02_tabbed

Auto-Launch Items

  • What Does It Do? Automatically loads programs based on user preferences
  • Why Should I Use It? You can dive into your work immediately upon startup.
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While some users may perform a wide array of tasks throughout the software, often users find that the bulk of their work resides in a few select screens. A customer service representative, for example, may spend most of their time in Customer Service and the Product Portal. Datacor ERP C/S allows users to save user-specific Auto-Launch items. Also in this example, Customer Service and the Product Portal can be defined as Auto-Launch items for the CSR. Upon logging into the system, Datacor ERP C/S automatically loads these programs within the tabbed interface, enabling the user to dive right into their work immediately at startup.

What Modules Can I Auto-Launch?

  • All Portals
  • Tab enabled programs (indicated by appearing in bold text on the Main Menu)

How Do I Save Auto-Launch Items?

To save Auto-Launch items, users can open the desired programs they wish to include and right click on any of the tab headers to save the Auto-Launch layout.


Remark Grid

  • What Does It Do? Allows you to view all remarks related to the record currently being viewed.
  • Why Should I Use It? Now you don’t need to open a separate remarks screen to view remarks.
  • I Want to Learn More!

Many screens within Datacor ERP C/S include a Remark Grid at the bottom of the screen. This grid is used to quickly view all remarks related to the record displayed on the main screen. This grid eliminates the need to open a separate remarks screen for different types of remarks since they are all displayed in the Remark Grid.

Remark Grid Visibility

The default visibility of the Remark Grid is defined by User Control #112 - Default Remark Grid Visibility. The available options are:

  • Both: The Remark Grid is initially displayed on tab enabled screens for all programs with the grid available and all portals.
  • Portal: The Remark Grid is only initially displayed when the user is viewing the portals and defaults to hidden on tab enabled screens.
  • Screen: The Remark Grid is only initially displayed on tab enabled screens and defaults to minimized within the portals.
  • None: The Remark Grid defaults to hidden on tab enabled screens and the portals.

Users can also show or hide the Remark Grid on tab enabled screens via the Show/Hide Remark Grid button on the ribbon.


Add/Update Remarks

The ability to edit remarks on the fly is extremely powerful and time-efficient. By turning on User Control #109 - Allow Remarks Maintenance Through Remark Grid, the user can add or update remarks via the context menu by right-clicking within the Remark Grid and choosing "Add" or "Update". When this user control is turned off, users only have the ability to add/edit if they are in New or Update mode for the program in use. For example, a user only sees the add/edit options in the Remark Grid of Customer Maintenance when adding a new customer or updating an existing one if this control is turned off.

New Remark Maintenance

  • What Does It Do? Search across all master data remarks
  • Why Should I Use It? You can easily manage and clean up remarks across the system in one screen view.
  • I Want to Learn More!
Remark Maintenance can be a very time consuming and frustrating process. Datacor ERP C/S 2018-01 allows you to search across all master data remarks, making it much easier to find and update remarks. This is the tool you need to clean up and easily make changes to remarks.
Example: Search ‘Document’ in Remark Maintenance

In this example we searched on the keyword “document.” Remark maintenance shows us remarks containing that text in a single grid. From here we can edit or delete the remark.


Quick Look at Additional Enhancements

Listed below are some additional new features available in Datacor ERP C/S 2018-01. For more information on these enhancements, please refer to the Online Help.

  • New Portals: Lot Portal and Serial Container Portal
    • Lot Portal05a_lotportal
    • Serial Portal05b_serialportal
  • Data Purge Utility – The longer you use Datacor ERP C/S , the more data you collect. As the data ages, it has less and less meaning and can clutter up your database. The New Data Purge program can be used to remove old data from the Datacor ERP C/S database to streamline your use of data.
  • Automated Delivery of Custom Crystal Reports  The ability to distribute data to customer and supplier contacts directly from Datacor ERP C/S is a huge time saver. Rather than having to print the report to a PDF and then attach it to an email, you can use the automated delivery option to email directly from Datacor ERP C/S. The Automated output selection is available for many standard documents and reports throughout Datacor ERP C/S . This feature for automated document delivery by email to Customer and Supplier contacts can now be configured for Custom Crystal Reports in Crystal Menu Maintenance.
  • Automated File Path When generating  Invoice/Credit/Debit Memo and Price Change Letter documents via Automated Output , a PDF copy of the generated documents is also saved to the defined path.
  • New User Controls – Enhance efficiency for end users to save time in their day-to-day tasks with the following new controls:
    • #108 (Clear Text After Find on Main Menu) - This user control determines whether the system keeps or clears the text in the Datacor ERP C/S Find Box after being used to search on available menu items.
    • #110 (Enable Close All Work Flow Items in Action Checklist) - This control gives users the ability to close out all workflow items of the same type without going into each individual workflow item and closing them out one at a time.
    • #111 (Default A/R Payment Method in Cash Application) - This User Control defines the default value for Payment Method when a user enters Cash Application.
  • G/L Account User Access Option Maintenance – A company's G/L has to be carefully controlled and managed. Datacor ERP C/S allows companies to limit user access to the G/L Accounts in the G/L, A/R, and A/P modules. In addition, specific access can be granted to a G/L account in Accounts Maintenance for a Single User, a User Group, or All Users.

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Caitlin O'Donnell

Written by Caitlin O'Donnell


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