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Now Available in .NET: Credit Hold Maintenance (AR4)

September 30, 2020 by Stephanie Phipps

Credit Hold Maintenance (AR4) is the latest AR program to be added to .NET. This program allows a user to review and update the credit status of sales orders. With this addition, all AR entry and report programs can now be accessed in .NET. In this Newsbreak, we'll break down the newly designed AR4 and how it will simplify your credit hold process.

AR menu

We're excited to share that Credit Hold Maintenance has been completely redesigned in .NET. In the V6 version of AR4, only one order can be viewed at a time and additional details could only be accessed from the AR Inquiry and AR Credit Inquiry buttons in separate windows. 


Now, all order information is available on one screen where sales orders can be sorted and filtered for a custom view. Additionally, the AR aging can now be viewed graphically.


Highlights include:

  • All orders are in a grid format that can be filtered to display all open sales orders (1), all sales orders on credit hold (2), and all orders within a date range by ship date (3).
  • As with all .NET grids, the Credit Hold Information grid can also be sorted by column and filtered by a specific value using the yellow filter row. Using the Column chooser, columns can be made visible or hidden to display only the information that is needed
  • In addition to the original Re-evaluate option, an Actions (4) menu allows a user to release all credit holds shown in the grid at one time.
  • Once the status of the orders is changed, either one by one or as a group, the grid can be filtered to see only those changed orders using the Summarize Changes filter tab (5).
  • The Show Details Panel checkbox (6) allows additional information to be viewed in a tabbed format without needing separate windows.
  • The AR Inquiry tab (7) replaces the original AR Inquiry button. In addition to the summary credit information, all AR credits and debits corresponding to the customer display in a grid format (8) that can be filtered and sorted.
  • The Customer Information tab (8) contains two tabs to display General and Remarks information from the Customer File (FM1).
  • The Order Information tab (9) displays header level fields saved on the sales order. The entire order can be quickly accessed in OE1 directly from the Actions menu (4).
  • The AR Summary tab (10) replaces the original AR Credit Inquiry button and includes a chart to graphically represent the AR aging information. The chart can be viewed in different types as well as be printed and copied.


For more information on this program and the AR module, open one of the AR programs and click F1 to view step by step instructions in the .NET Help file or view our Accounts Receivable Webinar in Datacor University. All of the .NET AR programs are available with a .NET version of 9/23/20 or later. If you do not run your own updates and would like to use the AR programs in .NET, please contact vbsupport@datacor.com to schedule a date and time for the update.

Important Reminder

Before using any program for the first time in .NET, please review the process outlined in Open a VB.NET Program for the First Time in the .NET Help File (search term: transition) or the Transition series in Datacor University to ensure all custom controls and custom options have been verified.

.NET News

As new programs and functionality are added in .NET, it will always be announced on the What’s New listing in the .NET Help File. Please check the What's New listing or the New .NET Functionality index in the Help File each month for the most up to date offerings. The next program scheduled to be released in .NET is Credit/Debit Memo (IN3). We will also publish an Invoicing Webinar in Datacor University following the launch of IN3.

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Stephanie Phipps

Written by Stephanie Phipps


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