Datacor ePayments saves you time, money and headaches by consolidating your disconnected payment processes into a single step to optimize payments for cost savings and generate net new revenue through credit card rebates.

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Delivering Bottom Line Value

Datacor ePayments delivers over $125,000 in benefits for every $100 million in accounts payable spend by reducing the number of hours spent on repetitive payment processes, reducing AP costs through increased efficiencies and delivering a rebate to Datacor customers on virtual card transactions.

Pay International Suppliers

Pay international suppliers across 170 countries in 140 currencies through the same simple process as domestic payments.

Pay 100% Electronically

Pay 100% of invoices through automated processes using ACH, virtual card and electronic print check. Every payment is optimized to pay suppliers in the most efficient manner to the customer.

Comprehensive Payment Services

Datacor ePayments enables suppliers to accept electronic payments and maintains supplier information as it changes over time so you no longer have to continuously update supplier banking information. Unburden your accounts payable team from this repetitive and tedious task and allow them to focus on higher value-added initiatives.

Key Differentiators


Flexible Technology

  • Customizable Payment Approvals
  • Reporting for Multi-Level Enterprises



Comprehensive Services

  • Continuous Supplier Enablement
  • Automated Real-Time Reconciliation
  • Supplier Payment Support



Trusted & Secure

  • Payments Are Guaranteed, Bonded & Insured
  • Soc 1 Type 2 & Soc 2 Type 2 Compliant


Credit Card Processing

Easily process debit and credit payments for a low flat rate

  • Accept all major credit cards and receive funds automatically from within Datacor ERP
  • Simplify customer payments, charge customer credit cards, collect funds and update A/R all with one click
  • Speed up payments, facilitate your customers to pay you faster and use their own credit, not yours
  • Offer customers flexibility to pay how they want
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Store customers’ regularly used credit cards using tokenization, saving you from storing sensitive credit card numbers

Automatically charge credit cards at accounts receivable, order entry or invoicing

Patented PCI validated security features backed by our partner, CardConnect

Improved auditing controls and record keeping

Great rate