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Achieve and Maintain Compliance with Datacor Regulatory Services

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Datacor’s team of regulatory experts is on a mission to assist you and your organization in achieving compliance worldwide by providing comprehensive, scalable, chemical reporting and labeling solutions. Update all current regulatory documentation to meet and maintain compliance, even in today’s highly dynamic regulatory landscape.

With over 20 years of experience in the global regulatory landscape, our team has in-depth knowledge of regulatory lists such as California Proposition 65, New Jersey Right to Know list, EU REACH, UK REACH, K-REACH, TSCA, SVHC, Annex VI.

Did you know?

By accepting an SDS from a supplier you are then liable for any compliance errors listed on the documentation. It is common for chemical companies to accept SDSs from suppliers without checking for accuracy. Don’t let a supplier’s error put your business at risk. Datacor Regulatory services can assist with vetting all hazardous documentations from suppliers to protect your business.

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Regulatory Documentation Services

  • Safety Data Sheet Audit
    Examine each SDS and identify incorrect or missing data that could potentially be determined as non-compliant. Once discrepancies are identified, our team will provide suggested solutions to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Safety Data Sheet Authoring
    In addition to a full SDS audit, let us manage the entire process and author each new SDS.
  • Supplier Safety Data Sheet Review
    Save time and effort by handing over all supplier SDSs to our team, we’ll ensure compliance, so you don’t have to.
  • GHS Labeling
    Generate GHS compliant labels to fit customer and regional requirements.

Regulatory Consulting Services

  • Regulatory Report Filing
    Ensure all requirements are being met and all required reports are submitted correctly, on time. 
  • Substance and Product Hazard Classification
    Review raw materials and products for possible hazards, as well as correct any misclassified hazards.
  • Hazardous Data Migration and Maintenance
    Project manage the migration or maintenance of data related to hazardous materials.

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