CAM2 Racing Forward with Datacor ERP

“Datacor ERP has been the driving force behind our continued success”

Lindsay Baker Hegna, Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Why CAM2 Chose Datacor ERP…

We spent almost a year evaluating different software solutions. It was very important that we chose a software package designed to fit our needs as a growing lubricants company. Datacor ERP turned out to be the best choice for our business – it was an all-in-one solution (from manufacturing to accounting to sales management) and was the only software specifically developed for lubricant and chemical companies.

What Datacor ERP is to CAM2…

To take us to the next level, we needed information at our fingertips, we needed the right tools and we needed flexibility. Datacor ERP software provides all three. As our company has grown and we have opened more manufacturing facilities, Datacor ERP has tied them all together in real time with accurate information available to our management and staff. I believe Datacor ERP has been the driving force behind our continued success. Information is power and Datacor ERP provides all the information we need to power ahead.

Datacor’s staff…

I can’t say enough about the Datacor staff. From day one, they were there for us. Implementing new software is no easy task, especially when it covers all aspects of your business, and Datacor was at our side every step of the way. They have trained us and supported us and are always available by phone and email. No problem has been too big or too small. And, as a member of ILMA, Datacor understands our industry, our challenges, our needs and our customers’ needs.

What are Lindsay’s 3 favorite benefits of Datacor ERP…

  1.  Quick decision-making. Datacor ERP allows CAM2 to respond quickly to a competitive marketplace because manufacturing, inventory, and sales information are at our fingertips every day.
  2. Great customer service. Datacor ERP bridges the gap between the back office and the manufacturing facilities to greatly improve service to our customers and that’s really important to us.
  3. Better manufacturing processes. Datacor ERP helped us develop standard operating procedures which make us more efficient in production and better able to control and manage our inventory at multiple locations.

Why Datacor and CAM2 are a good fit…

Datacor and CAM2 operate on the same principal – that to be successful, you ask your organization every day whether we can operate differently, more effectively, more efficiently or just plain better to better serve our customers. Datacor has shown us that the customer matters and that they measure their success by our success.

Datacor ERP according to Lindsay…

I would highly recommend Datacor ERP to other lubricant companies. Datacor ERP software does what it is supposed to do and has proven to be the best choice for the future success of our company. Like us, Datacor believes that when you do something, you do it right.


About CAM2

CAM2 is the largest independent bulk lubricant supplier in the United States. Its product line includes a wide array of automotive products from brake fluids, power steering fluids, greases and gear oils, aerosol s and liquid pour chemicals, antifreeze, washer fluid and an extensive line of automotive, commercial and industrial lubricants. They offer an extensive bulk program with almost 150 rail cars in a proprietary fleet. Their extensive line-up of lubricants is available in quarts, gallons, pails, kegs, drums, and totes.