Datacor ERP Simplifies Reporting Capabilities for ChemSpec, Ltd.

“We have enjoyed 12+ years with Datacor. We have grown significantly during this time and Datacor ERP has been a trusted ally in this accomplishment ”  

- Richard Dee, CFO 


  • Quickly and easily generate comprehensive reports.
  • Improve operational efficiency and communication.
  • Upgrade system without disruptions to business. 


  • Achieved ability to quickly and easily create comprehensive reports for better business decision making. 
  • Quickly implemented a flexible and cost effective ERP solution that supports our future growth.
  • Improved communication throughout organization.
  • Better able to track and monitor our sales endeavors with the addition of Datacor CRM. 

About ChemSpec, Ltd.

Founded in 2003, ChemSpec, Ltd. is a specialty chemical distributor for the rubber, plastic, ink, adhesive and coatings industries. They are an extremely customer focused company with over 190 customers throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and other parts of the world. ChemSpec, Ltd. work with key suppliers from around the world to meet and exceed their customers’ needs.