Dowd and Guild Inc. Empowers Team with Datacor CRM

“We are a sales and customer service focused business and Datacor CRM has improved efficiency, increased productivity and has helped us grow overall.”

 -Laurie Morones, Manager - Information Technology


  • Access to real-time data from anywhere and at anytime of the day or night.
  • Maintaining multiple databases caused many issues.
  • Enhance reporting capabilities to allow decision makers the ability to find solutions with confidence.


  • Gained ability to accurately track opportunities, customer service requests, and sales information, boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Provided team with access to important business information 24x7 from anywhere around the world to make better informed decisions and drive business success.
  • Streamlined communications and collaboration between sales and operations resulting in significant reduction of errors and turnaround for customers.
  • Saved significant amount of time and effort having a single database to reference information and notes.
  • Integrated marketing, sales, and service data in Datacor CRM with data from main information system, Datacor ERP, maximizing information sharing.
  • Achieved ability to easily and quickly develop comprehensive reports for sales team, executive management, suppliers, etc.

About Dowd and Guild Inc.

Dowd and Guild Inc. is a specialty chemical distributor serving the paint and coatings, graphic arts, adhesives, ink, composites, building products, plastics and related markets in the Western and Southwest Regions of the United States since 1986. They warehouse products in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Phoenix, Dallas, Salt Lake City, Denver and Vancouver. You will find their sales, customer service and administrative staff to be experienced, knowledgeable and solution oriented.