Datacor ERP Gives Lintech International LLC the Competitive Edge in Customer Service

“We are now able to provide a Global Reach with a Local Touch.”

- Roger Shaw, Manager of Marketing & IT Systems

About Lintech International LLC

Lintech International LLC was established in 1983 in Macon, Georgia as a distributor of specialty chemicals and minerals to businesses in the southern United States. After over 30 years of steady growth, Lintech now serves customers in the Southeast, Southwest, Northeast, Midwest and West in a range of markets including coatings, adhesives, rubber, metalworking and composites. With a sales and customer service team that averages more than 20 years in the chemical industry, and with eleven warehouses across the nation, Lintech has earned a reputation for excellent technical sales, responsive customer service, and award winning logistical abilities.  


Lintech had an outdated software solution that was not serving their needs efficiently. They needed the ability to email order confirmations and invoices to their customers in a timely manner. Lintech has two separate systems supporting their sales representatives (CRM) and accounting staff slowing down the lines of communications. The system also required dual maintenance.


According to Roger Shaw, Manager of Marketing and IT Systems,”We instituted a very meticulous evaluation process with a defined set of criteria to find an improved software solution.” Their primary objective was to streamline customer service processes. Lintech needed the ability to handle separate pricing for each customer, combine orders from many warehouses, show everything the customer purchased plus provide an integrated CRM package. “Datacor ERP was able to provide all these capabilities. The fact that Datacor has specialization in the chemical industry was a clear advantage.”


“With Datacor ERP, we have higher customer efficiency as we are able to place more orders with the same amount of personnel” states Roger. Lintech now has one system for sales and accounting with comprehensive customer information at their fingertips. “We have recommended Datacor ERP several times because the system is excellent and the Datacor staff is very dedicated to customers.”