Sea Breeze Syrups Achieves Improved Process Efficiencies and Enhanced Customer Service with Datacor

"As a result of going with Datacor: it is easier to do everything within one system, the more we have under one roof, the better."

- Josh Sanders, Vice President

About Sea Breeze Syrups

Founded in 1925, Sea Breeze is the largest fourth generation, family-owned manufacturer and distributor of premium beverages in the Metro New York – New Jersey area. Sea Breeze manufactures and distributes hundreds of products, including national brands such as Arizona Iced Tea, Jones Soda, and Dr Pepper, all delivered by their own company fleet. Additionally, Sea Breeze installs custom dispensing equipment and provides prompt, professional emergency repair service 365 days a year.


Sea Breeze's success over the past 90 years has been anchored in exceptional customer service and satisfaction. Prior to adopting Datacor solutions, Sea Breeze grappled with significant operational hurdles, resulting in excess costs and compromised customer service. Disconnected systems and issues with their Direct Store Delivery (DSD) and Field Service solutions included frequent syncing problems, poor vendor support, and data discrepancies stemming from manual and paper-based processes. These challenges led to a decline in service quality and brand reputation, increased operational expenses, diverted focus from business expansion, and discontent among employees with current procedures and software.


With Datacor's comprehensive software solutions, including ERP and TrackAbout, Sea Breeze was able to centralize critical functions to meet business requirements, with minimal disruption to operations. With real-time visibility, from purchasing through production, to delivery and service in the field, Sea Breeze has improved process efficiencies.

Additional requirements included:

  • Robust and intuitive Direct Store Delivery and Field Service solution for drivers and service techs
  • Flexible pricing schemes and integrated accounting
  • Support traceability through recall/mock recall capabilities, quality control, and manufacturing processes
  • Integrated nutritional labeling with LabelCalc


Opting for a sole vendor and solution to address their essential software requirements has not just streamlined Sea Breeze's business operations but also provided real-time insights into these processes. Embracing paperless procedures throughout, they gained confidence in their operations and data accuracy, enabling them to deliver more orders consistently with the same trucks, drivers, and routes. Additionally, they have achieved improved customer service resulting in increased revenue, more time available for strategic initiatives, cost reductions in servicing clients, and overall higher employee satisfaction.

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