Datacor ERP: The Perfect Fit for Superior Oil Company

“Software is important to our business. Datacor doesn't try to fit our business to their software they fit their software to how we do business.”

-Jay Baker, COO

Why Superior Chose Datacor ERP…

Superior offers a unique range of products and services to a variety of industries. We needed a software solution that accommodated that mix. We interviewed other chemical companies that used various systems. We visited with software vendors and detailed our worst case scenarios to them. Datacor ERP was the only solution that was built specifically for our industry and our type of business.

Which Datacor ERP Features Impressed Superior…

The customer service module is very impressive, especially with its connection into manufacturing , purchasing and inventory control.The complete visibility is extremely helpful. We went from having 9 databases for each of our locations to having one standardized database for all locations with Datacor ERP. This change was a huge advantage to us in regard to our customer service, inventory and manufacturing capabilities.

How Datacor ERP Improved Superior’s Operation…

Our largest issue, prior to utilizing Datacor ERP, was that we could not see our inventory or customer data from other locations. We were constantly making calls to get that information. Now, with Datacor ERP, everything is right in front of us at all of our locations.

It took us 3 weeks to get financials with our previous system. With the accounting function in Datacor ERP we get the same information within days at the end of each month. We were also doing manual double entries for all of our accounting. With Datacor ERP, all of that information is captured and available at each of our locations which has increased our productivity and efficiency tremendously. The reporting functionality of Datacor ERP has improved our operations. Now everything, including product usage reports, is at our fingertips.

How Superior better serves their customers with Datacor ERP…

We consider customer service to be our strength. The remarks capabilities within Datacor ERP allow us the flexibility to meet the needs of a diverse range of customers. We enter customer requirements and specifications directly into Datacor ERP. This feature allows us to provide our customers with the products they want, how and when they want them.

Datacor’s staff...

The Datacor staff definitely understands how the Chemical Industry operates. They spent a lot of time with us to see how we did things either similarly or completely different from other companies. They tailored our implementation to how we did business. The training and implementation went very smoothly from beginning to end. We were guided from initial install to implementation and beyond. We are fully supported by the Datacor staff. The Datacor staff doesn’t try to fit our business to their software; they fit the software to how we do business.

About Superior Oil Company

Superior Oil Company is a chemical and composite raw material distributor headquartered in Indianapolis, IN with 10 locations in the Midwest. Since beginning in 1932, Superior has grown into a leading provider of chemical solutions through distribution, manufacturing and recycling. Superior offers value added products and services to diverse industries with industrial solvents and chemicals, water-based cleaners, heat exchange fluids and composite raw materials such as fiberglass and resin.