eChempax Keeps Fitz Chem on the Road to Success

“With a bird’s eye view of our customers, eChempax enables our team to make quick decisions which allows us to spend more time focusing on what’s important…the customer.”  - Christy Maruccelli, Marketing Manager


  • Improve communication throughout business, especially between ERP and CRM systems.

  • Eliminate the redundancies in work processes.

  • Improve cultivation of customer data.


  • Increase sales efficiency.

  • Created clarity in decision-making process by providing a 360-degree view of important business information.

  • Saved significant amount of time, effort, and money having a single database to reference information and notes.

  • Streamlined communication and collaboration between teams resulting in greater employee productivity and effectiveness.

  • Having exceptional support from the Datacor eChempax team in fulfilling our needs.

Customer Profile


Itasca, IL

Number of Locations

Specialty Chemical Distributor

Chempax VB

“Chempax and eChempax are a package deal so it only made sense to invest in eChempax as well.”
 - Christy Maruccelli, Marketing Manager


About Fitz Chem Corporation

Fitz Chem Corporation is a customer centered specialty chemicals distributor in Central United States serving the adhesives, construction, graphic arts, home and personal care, institutional and industrial cleaning, paints and coatings, plastics and rubber industries since 1985. They are recognized for their superior customer service and have a team that has the knowledge and technical experience to help solve the toughest formulation challenges.

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