Better ERP System = Better Business

"Because of Chempax C/S, we're better purchasers, marketers and more profitable."
- Molly Kellogg, Executive Vice President


Because Hubbard-Hall is both a manufacturer and distributor, the company needed an ERP system that was specific to the chemical industry and fit the way they did business.


By choosing Chempax C/S, Hubbard-Hall was able to implement a comprehensive ERP application that addresses both chemical manufacturing and distribution.


Hubbard-Hall has streamlined their processes and lowered the cost of doing business for better profitability.


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Waterbury, CT

Specialty Chemical Manufacturer &  Distributor

Chempax C/S

Hubbard-Hall's Story

Hubbard-Hall is one of the nation’s leading chemical distributors and specialty manufacturers bringing more than 160 years of experience to the intersection of chemistry and industry. A virtual chemical supermarket, Hubbard-Hall packages and distributes over 5,000 commodity chemicals and formulates specialty blends for custom applications. Hubbard-Hall offers a wide range of specialties and services and delivers to over 70 industries worldwide through a global distribution network.

With the company’s primary focus in chemical distribution and manufacturing, Hubbard-Hall needed a software that was created with the nuances of the chemical industry in mind. According to Molly Kellogg, Executive VP of Hubbard-Hall, “We needed an ERP system that was specific to our industry. When you’re in chemicals you need to be working with partners, whether it be on the chemical side or the trucking side, who know what it’s like to deal with hazardous chemicals and all the regulations.” About five years ago, Hubbard-Hall chose Datacor’s Chempax C/S as the software that best met their needs. Since then, Chempax C/S has been credited as helping Hubbard-Hall thrive. “Hubbard-Hall does a little bit of everything. We manufacture, we distribute, we do inventory control. We need to be good in all these areas - that’s the core of our business; we buy and we sell. Each module in Chempax that relates to different areas of our company makes Hubbard-Hall better. We’re better purchasers, better marketers, and more profitable because of Chempax C/S.”

Defining Hubbard-Hall as a “customer intimate” company, Kellogg says Datacor is completely supportive of their effort to meet the specific needs of their customers. “Datacor takes the same approach that Hubbard-Hall does. Datacor really wants to understand how its customers do business, and customizes their products and services around that. That’s the business strategy behind Datacor as well as Hubbard-Hall and why we are a good fit."


Hear how Hubbard-Hall improved their profitability by choosing Chempax C/S.
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About Hubbard-Hall, Inc.

With roots from 1849, Hubbard-Hall’s mission is to help manufacturers tackle complex surface finishing and wastewater treatment problems. Combining 6 generations of family leadership, 3 strategically located facilities and a goal of 99.8% product consistency, we are performance driven and customer focused. We develop, service and supply our line of specialty chemicals for ferrous and non-ferrous metals which include pre-treatment specialties, cleaners, corrosion inhibitors, metal & paint strippers, conversion coatings, phosphates, mass finishing, wastewater treatment, metal colorants, heat treatment and rubber curing salts.

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