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Datacor ERP Training & Implementation Services

Added professional services, training and support for business improvement


Datacor’s implementation approach has a 99% success rate of being on time and under budget. With hundreds of successful implementations, Datacor’s highly experienced staff is there to help you every step of the way. We are dedicated to helping you reach your goals and get you up and running quickly.

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Step One


  • Discuss customer requirements
  • Complete questionnaire
  • Review organization and assign project team responsibilities
  • Create gap analysis

Step Two

Learning, Planning & Data Setup

  • Develop a project plan
  • In depth demonstration of Datacor ERP
  • Discuss and show best practices
  • In depth review of master tables
  • Extract, prepare and cleanse data for import into master tables

Step Three

Project Team Training

  • Focused review of transaction processing following best practices
  • Train the "core project team" which will help train end users in step 5
  • Create developing cut over plan


Step Four

Clean Up & Documentation

  • Data cleaning of tables from legacy application
  • Compose work-instructions, SOPs and tasks
  • Finalize forms and documents

Step Five

End User Training

  • Detailed end user training of Datacor ERP
  • Implement new standard operating procedures
  • Create and complete test plan

Step Six

Go Live

  • Data and process preparation for cut-over
  • Loading of master data tables, initial balances, and open transactions

Step Seven

Post Go Live

  • On-site go live support
  • Assist during first "end of period"


In-House Technical Support

Datacor is committed to delivering the highest level of customer service. We offer excellent support via on-site, web, phone or email. Our expert support team is ready to answer your questions and resolve any technical issues you may experience.

Online Support Services

Datacor offers a variety of online support resources. Simply log into our Customer Support Portal to access important announcements, online documentation, support manuals, FAQs and downloadable software updates.

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Education & Training

Training Programs

Optimize your investment with Datacor by ensuring your teams get the most out of your software. Our extensive high-quality training programs offered both on-site and remotely help your teams adapt the software quickly and effectively for faster ROI. Contact your support representative to learn more.

Online Training Tutorials & Videos

We understand that everyone learns differently, therefore, we offer a variety of learning tools to fit your needs. Datacor offers online training tutorials and videos for users looking to review each aspect of their software at their own pace and convenience.

Continuing Education Webinars

Datacor offers a variety of interactive webinars to review software features, introduce new product functionality and assist with your industry specific questions. Browse our upcoming and past webinars.

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Interaxions User Conference

Datacor’s premier annual user conference gathers nearly 300 users in the Datacor community for three event-packed days of learning and idea sharing. Interaxions presents an opportunity for customers to expand their knowledge, network with other users, influence product development and learn more about additional Datacor offerings. It is the must-attend event for every Datacor customer. 

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Hosting & Managed Services

Datacor is a full-service provider of software, hardware and services. We will work with you to select the optimal deployment for your company of software and hardware to run Datacor ERP or Datacor CRM. Whether it makes sense to run the software on-premise or in a hosted environment, Datacor will configure, support and manage your installation to fit your needs.

  • Hardware configuration consulting
  • Security plan assistance
  • Printer setup
  • Hosting company cooperation
  • Software and associated software (OS & DB) installation
  • Off-site data backup (Live Vault) management
  • Performance tuning

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Datacor offers products and services designed specifically for process manufacturers and distributors. Contact us to learn more about our products and services. Call us now at (973) 822-1551 or fill out the form to the right.