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Unleash Your Potential with a Fully Integrated CRM Solution

July 1, 2021 by Admin

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a powerful tool that provides users with real-time insight of how they interact with their clients. Data collected across an organization is stored in a secure central system, allowing employees to instantly access and interpret information about their customers, suppliers, products, and services.

An effective CRM system means teams can easily collaborate and share information so they can have professional conversations and make informed strategic decisions. 

In this guide, you’ll learn how Datacor CRM (formerly eChempax) improves your business by helping to retain customers and turn leads into sales opportunities. Additionally, we’ll cover:

What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

CRM is far more than a sales tool; it is a way of ensuring a better customer experience – an information hub that improves workflows, helps decision making, and focuses strategies.

Think of it as an ever-growing database filled with the details of anyone who has ever bought from you, or those who soon might. 

CRM keeps a business connected, smoothing interactions with clients and prospects by ensuring each member of your team has access to every part of the sales process. 

Customer satisfaction remains a critical success factor for any organization. If your service desk receives a call with queries about an order, quote or sample, all the answers are at your fingertips. Equally, complaints can be easily dealt with – with the relevant data always at hand so you can immediately remedy any issues, rather than promising a callback so you have time to investigate.

Can a Modern Manufacturer Afford to Live with CRM?

Storing customer details on a single computer, or relying on day planners and notebooks, may have worked in the past but it is no way to run a modern business. 

Suppose a member of your team changes jobs, moves territories, or is on vacation? All that customer information gained on company time is inaccessible and next to useless.

The COVID-19 pandemic and our reliance on remote working only highlighted the importance of being able to easily share information among teams and automate workflows. 

Users of CRM software can access accurate, real-time data securely no matter where they are. Whether on the road or working from home, you can give the customer the same experience as if you were working in the office. 

It integrates seamlessly with your ERP back office so you can quite literally turn it on and it’s prepopulated with all your data – a valuable treasure trove of information for the sales team. It knows all about the client, who the account manager is, the associated products, and the order history. 

Key CRM Features 

  • Call reports – Collect sales rep call reports for management review  
  • Sales and margin analysis – View detailed sales, volume and profitability data for insightful analysis to improve your business
  • Sales agent history – Review historical sales, volume and profitability activity by individual sales rep and or managers with comprehensive drill down to actual transactions
  • Customer management – Review summary and detailed customer information for all activities including sales, products, complaints, payment history, pricing activity, meetings, call reports and current order status
  • Prospect & opportunity tracking –Create, collaborate and manage a sales pipeline by tracking opportunities to provide a dynamic sales funnel that benefits the entire organization
  • Calendars and scheduling – Easily maintain shared calendars and daily schedules across companies, departments and individuals
  • Price management – Maintain and update all your prices individually at the customer product level
  • Product catalog – An active product catalog with access to COA, Specification sheets and MSD Sheets makes it easy and reliable to access vital product information
  • Quotes – Allow sales representatives to send quotes using an approval workflow methodology
  • Order status & purchase history - Access full order and purchasing history 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days of the year
  • Order processing – Save time and reduce errors by processing repeat and first-time orders on behalf of the customer

Business Planning and Analysis

With a robust CRM, you can see customers’ volumes, how much they have been buying year on year, and look for variances. Why are they buying less than you thought they would? Are they being charged too much, or too little? Do they pay their bills on time? How do their prices compare with others buying a similar product? 

This is your data and you’re in control.

CRM systems are best described as business intelligence tools that help connect you, your customers, and suppliers. Not only do they capture all interactions and make them accessible across your team, but they also serve as a powerful data analysis tool to help boost your business’ productivity.

It monitors performance, tracks data, and flags up issues. If someone buys a drum of chemicals each month and then suddenly stops, what’s the reason? If they're not buying from you, perhaps they are using someone else? An effective CRM helps you determine the root cause of them leaving and allows you to put corrective actions in place. By monitoring buying habits, it can prompt a sales team to follow up and address any problems or opportunities.

More experienced users can take this a step further by using the information to create “scorecards” to identify whether their sales are meeting key performance criteria or metrics. Should there ever be a crunch in the supply chain, for example, and availability is impacted, the software could help make difficult decisions a little easier by highlighting which of your clients should take priority. If stock is short, who would be in desperate need versus those who may be more willing to rearrange a delivery? A scorecard system via CRM can makes choices easier and customer relationships stronger.

Made for the Industry

Datacor’s CRM presents data the way your business wants it. 

We understand that customer experience is critical for any business and relationships are key. 

Whether monitoring sales dollars year on year, checking prices, or tracking orders, the entire process is made simple. 

Setting up customer profiles and monitoring quotes and shipments, or comparing and converting volumes – whether in pounds, gallons, or tons – is quick and painless. 

Since our CRM launched over 25 years ago, we have constantly evolved our software and considered the changing needs of the industry. We’ve used our experience working directly with chemical companies and process manufacturers to focus on best practice and offer the required support to keep you working efficiently and consistently.

Ours is a cloud-based system in a secure, audited data center, and is user friendly, intuitive, and accessible 24/7 via web browser, dedicated mobile app, or unique Traveler offline option. 

Our feature rich software includes everything necessary to keep your business operations running smoothly.

Want to know if it is prudent to invest and grow, or conserve cash and adjust your strategy accordingly? We’ve partnered with ITR Economics and incorporated its rate-of-change forecasts into our software, offering users access to key indicators about business cycle trends. This trusted insight from a leading consultancy helps determine exactly how the industry is performing while combining seamlessly with our CRM tools, so that you can keep making informed decisions and take your business forward.

This past year, we’ve even added a new user interface and extra functionality, including an exciting new mapping tool. 

If you’re heading out on the road on a call, the app highlights all customers in that area on a map. Clicking on their pins provides instant access to their sales information so you can prepare for your meeting. A click of the button transfers data to your mobile phone so you can schedule a visit or use GPS to plot the quickest route, check traffic patterns, and give you an ETA to their office.

A good CRM system helps strengthen relationships, nurture prospects, and keep your most important asset  – your customer – satisfied through excellent service and performance.

Find out more about Datacor CRM software or to request a demo today.

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