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5 Key Benefits of Real-Time Inventory

Posted by Jinelle Cioffi

May 8, 2024

Many businesses in process manufacturing and distribution rely on manual data entry, spreadsheets, and extensive paperwork to stay on top of their inventory. Instead of transitioning to modern software systems that offer real-time inventory, full visibility into their raw materials and output, and streamlined workflows that help enhance productivity, efficiency, and performance, they instead choose to stick with what they know.

But in a fast-paced, increasingly competitive marketplace – where many of their peers are digitizing operations – the question is, can they afford to resist?

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Webinar: Lean Transformation with Datacor MES & WMS

Posted by Jinelle Cioffi

April 3, 2024

Date: Tuesday, April 16th | 1:00 PM ET
Complimentary Webinar

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2024 Product Roadmap

Posted by Jinelle Cioffi

March 5, 2024

Datacor’s mission is to help our customers maximize productivity, use data as a competitive advantage, and drive smarter business growth.

As a leading provider of process manufacturing and distribution software, and a trusted advisor for process manufacturers and distributors around the world, we’re committed to the continued development of innovative solutions that enhance and improve your business operations.

These capabilities help drive efficiency in supply chain management, manufacturing, and warehousing operations, and support back-office functions.

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Deveraux Specialties Sees Immediate Benefits from Datacor's MES/WMS

Posted by Jinelle Cioffi

October 25, 2023

Since implementing Datacor’s WMS and MES platforms in April 2023, Lizzie Eisenhart, Head of IT liaison and Data Integrity at Deveraux Specialties, LLC., says the business has already seen a noticeable improvement in performance, efficiency, and inventory management.

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Webinar: Datacor Product Roundup

Posted by Jinelle Cioffi

October 13, 2023

Date: Thursday, October 26 | 2:00 PM EST
Complimentary Webinar

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Datacor's MES & WMS Drive Increased Efficiency at The Lewis Chemical Company

Posted by Jinelle Cioffi

September 19, 2023

The Lewis Chemical Company (TLC) is an employee-owned surfactants manufacturer based out of Rome, Georgia. It has been a Datacor ERP customer since 2010.

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Guide for a Successful Transition to Paperless Manufacturing

Posted by Jinelle Cioffi

July 6, 2023

Digitizing your workflow allows for greater productivity, improved efficiencies, and fewer mistakes. Today’s software solutions help to alleviate some of the common pain points in the manufacturing process, eliminating physical paperwork, and providing greater visibility to teams.

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2023 Product Roadmap

Posted by Jinelle Park

March 15, 2023

Datacor has many exciting developments coming your way later this year – all offering users effective ways to streamline processes, digitize their workflows, and improve productivity.

Our development team is always working to deliver new and updated tools and applications needed by forward-thinking process manufacturers and distributors. What company doesn’t want to get the best out of its operations, whether in the back office or on the shop floor?

In this blog, we shine the spotlight on what’s lined up for 2023!

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Manufacturing Execution System (MES) 2022 Guide for Batch Manufacturing

Posted by Jinelle Park

March 15, 2022

We all want to optimize performance and have our production processes run smoothly, right? So, how can a manufacturing execution system help, is it right for my business, and what are its core features and benefits?

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2022 Product Roadmap

Posted by Admin

January 18, 2022

Several new products or enhancements on the Datacor product roadmap are set to launch this year. Increasing digitization of paper-based processes will improve productivity and workers’ health and safety. Datacor continues to strengthen its ERP platform for chemical manufacturers and distributors, ensuring customers’ ability to use data as a competitive advantage and drive business growth. 

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