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Deveraux Specialties Sees Immediate Benefits from Datacor's MES/WMS

October 25, 2023 by Jinelle Cioffi

Since implementing Datacor’s WMS and MES platforms in April 2023, Lizzie Eisenhart, Head of IT liaison and Data Integrity at Deveraux Specialties, LLC., says the business has already seen a noticeable improvement in performance, efficiency, and inventory management.

While Datacor’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES) digitizes the manufacturing process and allows the team to track and monitor the transformation of its raw materials to finished goods, the Warehouse Management System (WMS), meanwhile, provides complete control over inventories in real-time and helps to ensure product is properly stored and shipped.

Deveraux Specialties, LLC. is a California-based manufacturer and distributor of raw materials to the cosmetic and personal care industry. Now in its 25th year, it has 39 employees, mostly based out of Los Angeles. It has been a Datacor ERP customer since 2018.

Eisenhart says the decision to adopt the WMS and MES was an easy one.

Deveraux Specialties (1)

“Our previous software didn't offer the same capabilities as Datacor and didn't grow as fast as we did. It couldn’t handle our needs,” she says. “Since we implemented the MES/WMS in April, we’ve actually saved more money in terms of inventory than we’ve spent on Datacor’s software.”

Although Eisenhart admits it can be quite daunting for a business to go digital and introduce new software into its workflow, the support from Datacor’s team made the process painless. To help with the onboarding, Datacor assigned one of its support teams to spend a few days with Deveraux Specialties to get everything up and running.

“We had someone come in who was extremely professional and very focused,” says Eisenhart. “He managed everything very well and fielded questions throughout. You don't know what you don't know until someone says you should do this or do that – and he told us about options and features we didn't even know were available. I cannot tell you how fantastic he was; we made sure we utilized him every minute he was with us.”

Although intuitive to use, Eisenhart admits the changes required a new mindset from her team and she occasionally had to encourage them to break old habits by not relying on their usual spreadsheets or downloading data. “With Datacor, they can be even more efficient,” she says. “They soon realized it was easier to use and it could help cut the time it takes them to do some tasks by maybe a quarter.”

“Datacor is constantly updating and adding features and we've still got a way to go to use every module to its fullest, but the staff absolutely love the software – especially being able to track their material better by scanning and using their tablets and Datacor’s Mobile App.”

It’s resulted in improved productivity, tighter control of inventories, less waste, and fewer manual errors. Going paperless and working in real-time means operations are far more efficient and it’s also easier to quickly share data among team members, she adds.

“Every aspect of Datacor’s software is better for our business than what we had before in terms of manufacturing, inventory, and order entry. I can't speak highly enough about it,” says Eisenhart.

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Jinelle Cioffi

Written by Jinelle Cioffi

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