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Datacor, Inc. Releases New Demand Planning Tools for Chempax VB

October 12, 2017 by Richard Watanabe

Florham Park, NJ – October 2017 – Datacor, Inc., the leading developer and provider of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software solutions for Process Manufacturers and Chemical Distributors, is pleased to announce the release of NEW Demand Planning tools for Chempax VB.

Managing inventory is critical for every well run chemical company. The new Demand Planning tools in Chempax VB will right-size inventory so that it can profitably meet demand without carrying excessive inventory. Demand Planning is a set of tools that creates accurate forecasts and aligns inventory levels to match demand. The new tools in Chempax VB incorporates Demand Planning into the revamped Material Requirements Planning (MRP), Demand Resource Planning (DRP) and Master Production Scheduling applications. “These new tools will automate and streamline production and purchasing,” said Sean O’Donnell, President of Datacor, Inc. “The new interface makes it easier for companies to make optimal decisions”.


About Datacor, Inc.

Datacor, Inc. was founded in 1981, has been the leading provider of business management software solutions for Process Manufacturers and Chemical Distributors. Its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions were created by developers who understand the challenges and idiosyncrasies of the industries we’ve served for over 30 years. For more information, visit: www.datacor.com.

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Richard Watanabe

Written by Richard Watanabe

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