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Webinar: Datacor CRM On the Road Again

January 18, 2021 by Caitlin O'Donnell

Presenter: The Datacor CRM Team

It's been a challenging 10-months for everyone, but we remain optimistic that we'll be turning a corner towards normalcy before too long. When we do, Datacor CRM will be ready to assist as you get back on the road to engage your valued customers, suppliers, and other business partners.

Over the past several months, we have been actively developing new features centered on geographic analysis and trip planning. We hope you can join us for this 1-hour community webinar to learn all about the new CRM Maps! Let's go! Follow us... we've got directions.

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Topics: Datacor CRM, Webinar

Caitlin O'Donnell

Written by Caitlin O'Donnell

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