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Enhance Your Potential with CRM Premium

September 22, 2022 by Jinelle Park

Already using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software? Satisfied, or do you wish it could do more? Datacor has been enhancing its CRM based on its customers’ needs and in response to those “Power Users” who require deeper analytics and connectivity to their operations across multiple platforms.

More than just a sales tool, CRM is an ever-expanding digital information hub that improves workflows and connectivity, ensuring a better and more efficient customer experience and helping your business make decisions.

Until now, however, CRM has been sold as a single product, with specific extra features added on a one-off basis at a customer’s request. Now – and based on feedback from customers – Datacor has developed a suite of extra features that are now available under a single Premium plan.

These exciting features are based around three central themes of analytics, connectivity and integration and can make a huge difference to sales operations by introducing enhanced intelligence and automation, freeing up some of the time that sales guys have to spend on routine admin tasks – in other words, time that is not spent on generating revenue!

A web-based interface allows companies to connect their website forms directly to Datacor CRM, activating opportunities and leads faster. The Data Warehousing feature facilitates easy reporting analytics and sales data with an automated daily (or nightly) synchronization with customers’ servers. Customers can then plug in to any analytics tool to access the data, rather than relying exclusively on their supplier to send a report.

A direct email feature is integrated within CRM Premium to automatically create notes from emails sent to customers, making it a much simpler and accessible process for sales reps on the move from any mobile device.

Integrating Google Maps with Datacor CRM is another really useful feature of Premium and a perfect fit for users that travel regularly and widely.


The tool can map customers and prospects in Google Maps to identify those in a particular territory or defined radius, also helping with route planning.


Want to dig deeper into your data and make recommendations? Then Premium also comes with advanced analytics to provide leading indicators for your business. These indicators show the rate of change during a specific time period, for example, it will show whether your business has grown or shrunk during the past three or 12 months.


The software analyzes volumes, sales and profits to provide a clear insight into the business’ variability and trends, forming the basis for strategic decisions.

Taking a step further, the Datacor team is already working on rolling out a Predictive Analytics feature as part of its Premium roadmap. How will this work? Essentially, it will look at a customer’s purchases and make additional suggestions based on customers that buy similar products – in other words, identifying product affinity across the customer base.

In addition, the feature will also search and compare sales over a period of time, following a defined level of variation so that the user/sales person can set alerts of concern – such as when a customer deviates from its usual buying pattern – and follow up accordingly.

And more is to come. A connector for email marketing systems is in the works. It is very common for CRM to not be the tool of choice, with third-party online services such as MailChimp and Constant Contact (among others) often the go-to option. The connector will allow those platforms to automatically synchronize with CRM, storing just one record for all contacts and allowing companies to efficiently and effectively execute email campaigns.

A bit further down the roadmap – but no less important – is a plan to extend public APIs (application programme interface) to all standard CRM data. This would enable a lot more integration into a company’s own website, giving them greater freedom to work as they wish, as well as allowing other third-party systems to access and enter data into the CRM platform as required. This would mean that companies using Datacor CRM could do their own integration and enhancements as they see fit.

So, while a standard CRM option may be enough for some companies, Premium can solve problems for the Power Users by streamlining reporting, solving mobility issues and offering advanced analytics and dashboards, enabling them to become proactive in identifying lost or missed business opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can CRM software help my business?
A CRM platform enables the digital recording and identification of all information relating to a company’s business activity, allowing faster, accurate and more efficient engagement with customers.

How do I choose which features best suit my needs?
Choosing the right CRM and features is an important decision. Make sure you get familiar with the features available and cross check those with the specific capabilities that your company or team requires.

Are different CRM packages available?
Datacor offers a choice of three plans: Basic, Standard and Premium, that provide a range of features suitable for a range of budgets and needs.

Get in touch to find out how Datacor’s CRM Premium plan can lift your business to the next level.

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Jinelle Park

Written by Jinelle Park

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