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Business Intelligence

Business intelligence for true data with depth

The core of Datacor ERP is business intelligence, providing you the data you need to make the best business decisions for growth. Built specifically for process manufacturing and chemical distribution operations, Datacor ERP directs you to the data points that define the difference between driving profitability and missing key opportunities.

With your company’s key performance indicators (KPIs) in mind, Business Intelligence with Datacor ERP enables you to measure your business against the data points that matter to you so you can make informed business decisions every day while shaping long-term strategic priorities.

Business Intelligence@2x

Key Benefits

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Improve customer service by identifying quality trends before the product gets to your customers

#2 Dot@2x

Optimize resource planning by assessing inventory levels and forecasted demands across multiple parameters

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Respond and adjust quickly to product sales trends as they occur

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Enhance collaboration and efficiency by sharing KPIs across the business


Normalize and standardize data to any unit of measure to analyze quantity/volume sold

Analyze Customer-Product Profiles, quickly determining how dollars, volumes or margins are trending compared to history and forecasts, allowing your sales team to take quick action

View information at a “Master Product” level, regardless of container size, allowing you to easily see how volume is trending and not red flag when a customer moves from drums to totes for the same product

Forecast how upcoming price increases for raw materials will impact the cost and margins of finished goods, with the ability to quickly adjust customer prices to maintain and grow your margins

Quickly see batch yield variances with product cost implications

Datacor ERP Features

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Customer Service

Inventory Management


Environmental, Health & Safety Compliance

Plant Maintenance

Financial Management

Business Intelligence


See how our software delivers data with depth.

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