As your business grows, it is imperative that your data be accessible wherever and whenever you need it. From attending executive strategy meetings to making inventory decisions on the warehouse floor, having mobile access to your business data during both critical and everyday moments enables you to make better, more well-informed business decisions. Datacor ERP seamlessly digitizes your business with ease, putting the information you need right at your fingertips to drive the business forward.

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Key Benefits

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Make Agile Decisions

Track business and make decisions whether you’re in the office or on the road.

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Empower Your Sales Team

Deliver high-quality customer service with faster, more accurate data.

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Streamline Operations

Improve productivity and obtain more precise inventory forecasting with real-time counts.

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Spend Less Time on Administration

Make the most of direct, instant data entry, which reduces errors and lag time.

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Key Benefits of Mobile Batch Tickets & Receipts

  • Go paperless by eliminating hard copy batch tickets
  • Gain full visibility with a schedule of batch production
  • Obtain real-time inventory count with updated quantities and yields immediately with no delay in inventory views
  • Record changes to formulas instantly for enhanced quality control
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Key Benefits of Mobile Delivery Tickets

  • Electronic signature of material acceptance
  • Immediate automated invoicing from signature
  • Route tracking

Datacor ERP Features

Manufacturing & Operations Planning

Customer Service

Inventory Management


Environmental, Health & Safety Compliance

Plant Maintenance

Financial Management

Business Intelligence


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