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Plant Maintenance

Easily create and track repair and preventative maintenance requests

Datacor ERP Plant Maintenance is a fully integrated Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) used to create and track repair and preventative maintenance requests throughout the organization. Datacor ERP provides manufacturers the tools needed to schedule maintenance and assign the appropriate costs required to efficiently maintain equipment and facilities. Flexible preventative maintenance scheduling provides the ability to plan and schedule both production and maintenance work in a single centralized location.

Plant Maintenance@2x


Flexible preventive maintenance scheduling

Administration of work order requests

Multi-site management

Enterprise asset management

Repository for asset blueprints and specifications

Stockroom inventory

Equipment movement tracking

Cost tracking

Document archival and retrieval

Hierarchical asset (or equipment) structure

Integration with non-conformance, purchase order, purchase requisition, inventory and General Ledger

Complete audit of all transactions

Datacor ERP Features

Manufacturing & Operations Planning

Customer Service

Inventory Management


Environmental, Health & Safety Compliance

Plant Maintenance

Financial Management

Business Intelligence


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