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Customer Service

Manage order entry, ensure accurate invoicing and optimize selling

Customer service is much more than solving issues for customers; it’s about getting closer to your customers and building more profitable customer relationships. Datacor ERP incorporates order processing, billing and price management into a tightly integrated process for you to provide top-notch service to your customers. Datacor ERP will free your managers, sales team and customer service representatives from the labors of manual data entry so they can focus on the customer and promote increased sales success by providing your staff with the tools they need to sell effectively and service efficiently.

Customer Service@2x

Order Management Features

  • Flexible system includes four ways to enter orders: web, telephone, fax or email
  • Customer product profiles in order entry fees employees from time-consuming re-entry and eliminates almost all typing for increased accuracy
  • Profitability analysis by product by order with low profit alerts
  • View of inventory lots, including expiration and quality information
  • Warehouse, direct, drop, commission and consignment orders
  • Blanket orders
  • Automatic unit of measure conversions
  • Back order tracking and processing
  • DOT compliant Bills of Lading
  • Lot selection and approval
  • Real-time credit check
  • Integrated shipping and truck routing module, including placarding
  • Event-driven alerts and pop-up remarks
  • Unlimited remarks at many levels
  • Automated SDS and COA distribution and tracking
  • Automatic tracking of customer quotes
  • Detailed contact history
  • Workflow processes
  • Automatic notification to sales rep generated from quote or order

Invoicing Features

  • Automatically created from order processing
  • Ability to consolidate multiple orders on a single invoice
  • Order-based invoices
  • Recurring invoices for product or services
  • Time-based invoices (e.g., single invoice for all shipments for the week, month, etc.)
  • Sales tax processing and reporting
  • Automated posting to the General Ledger
  • Detailed sales analysis
  • Deposit containers
  • Serial containers
  • Miscellaneous charges by customer and calculation of fuel and other surcharges
  • Wet weight, percent contained and dry weight invoicing
  • Online invoice retrieval
  • RMA processing
  • Customer online access to invoices
  • Invoicing activity analysis
  • Freight processing and reconciliation with payables
  • Full unit of currency functionality, including automatically calculating and booking currency gains and losses
  • Complete vendor rebate (competitive allowance) tracking and accounting

Price Book Features

  • Individualized pricing structures
  • Multiple price books
  • Price change notification letter
  • Price management tools
  • Ability to change price at many levels
  • Pricing by margin
  • Contract pricing, by product and/or by customer
  • Unique quantity break schedule by product and/or by customer
  • Produce printed price book
  • Quantity price breaks
  • Ability to convert quotes into prices
  • Unit of measure pricing and container pricing
  • Contained weight pricing
  • Automated price change processing
  • Unit of currency pricing
  • Low margin notification

Datacor ERP Features

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