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Inventory Management

Optimize your inventory to reduce costs, increase profits and deliver quality customer service

Datacor ERP’s comprehensive Inventory Management delivers a cost effective, end-to-end inventory control system that optimizes your inventory investment and promotes accurate order fulfillment and production. With inventory representing one of your largest assets, efficient buying, planned production, stocking and handling of inventory is key to successful business management. Inventory Management ensures effective planning and control that enables your company to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and increase profits.

Inventory Management@2x

Key Benefits

Flexible functionality includes matching inventory levels with ever-changing demand in accessing stocking information

Automatically Controlled inventory through daily order entry, invoicing, purchasing, manufacturing and forecasting

Specialized functions, such as stock transactions, warehouse transfers and physical inventory, streamlined for faster and more accurate processing


Demand Planning

Warehouse Management

Complete real-time demand planning, MRP, MPS and forecasting

Digital warehouse management, including mobile devices & barcoding

Full inventory transaction audit detail

Tightly integrated with financials

Stock trends and analysis

Time-phased future views for planning

Flexible unit of measure capabilities

Automated inventory stockout alerts

Lot traceability from cradle to grave

Unlimited packaging types such as drums, pails, totes, bulk and boxes

Automated tracking of serial and deposit containers

Receiving and shipping dock scheduler

Datacor ERP Features

Manufacturing & Operations Planning

Customer Service

Inventory Management


Environmental, Health & Safety Compliance

Plant Maintenance

Financial Management

Business Intelligence


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