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Environmental & Safety Compliance

Integrate government reporting requirements with business operations for hassle-free compliance

Adherence to government regulations is one of the biggest nonrevenue-producing tasks performed by your company. Datacor ERP provides a powerful set of tools that seamlessly integrate your government reporting requirements with business operations for fast, flexible and functional regulatory compliance. Datacor ERP allows your company to integrate regular compliance with other business processes without more work on your part. All pertinent information, including DOT codes, hazard classifications and material properties, is automatically collected and dispersed.


Key Benefits

Created specifically for process manufacturing and chemical industry compliance requirements

Routinely captures data for government reporting

Eliminates needless extra information gathering

Facilitates information flow for faster data collection

COA Generation           


  • SDS
    • SDS production from formulas with integrated alerts within order entry
    • Automatic distribution of SDS based on government rules
    • CAS #
      • UN Codes
      • Hazard Codes


  • Fully compliant bill of lading
  • Product list with DOT information report
    • Includes product number, product name, DOT name, product description, RQ and hazard classification and packaging groups
  • Domestic and international shipping documents



  • Toxic Relief Inventory (TRI) reporting
  • SARA Tier II reporting
    • Includes chemical description, physical and health hazards, inventory values, storage codes and locations
  • TSCA Chemical Data Reporting (CDR)


  • DEA Certificate document management and controls
  • Address verification for controlled substance delivery


  • Product-specific taxes


The Non-Conformance module allows you to keep track of errors and irregularities throughout an incident’s lifecycle. From collecting initial observations, identifying root causes, tracking training, approving changes in processes and creating finalized incident reporting, Datacor ERP allows you to keep track of data in one place. Due to the dynamic nature and flexibility of this module, it may satisfy other data gathering needs, such as accident and injury reporting. Because the module is completely customizable, users can track and link any data point to a sales order, purchase order, batch ticket, customer, supplier, warehouse, sales agent, product, lot or shipper.

Datacor ERP Features

Manufacturing & Operations Planning

Customer Service

Inventory Management


Environmental, Health & Safety Compliance

Plant Maintenance

Financial Management

Business Intelligence


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