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Chempax Simplifies Reporting Capabilities for ChemSpec, Ltd.

"We recently completed a major internal accounting audit for our company. The ease of reporting and transferring large amounts of data electronically through Chempax has allowed us to accomplish this in a shorter amount of time and with less personnel. In the end, we saved time and money." [Read More]

Richard Dee
ChemSpec, Ltd.

Deeks & Company Reduces Costs and Gains Efficiency with Chempax

"We previously experienced inefficiencies with our prior system, Take Stock. Now with Chempax, we are providing our employees with a user-friendly, flexible solution they can rely upon to effectively perform their jobs."
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Donna Boldt
Deeks & Company, Inc.

Datacor Insures Smooth Transition to Chempax for Pariser Industries

"We are very happy to have chosen Datacor and would definitely recommend them to others. Implementing a new ERP solution is never easy, but having the support from their highly trained team has made all the difference. They have been a tremendous asset to us in our transition from Sage." [Read More]

John Reilley
Pariser Industries, Inc.

eChempax Keeps Fitz Chem on the Road to Success

"With a bird's eye view of our customers, eChempax enables our team to make quick decisions which allows us to spend more time focusing on what's important...the customer." [Read More]

Christy Marcuccelli
Marketing Manager
Fitz Chem Corporation

Dowd & Guild, Inc. Empowers Team with eChempax

"We are a sales and customer service focused business and eChempax has improved efficiency, increased productivity and has helped us grow overall." [Read More]

Laurie Morones
Manager, Information Technology
Dowd & Guild, Inc.

Haviland Boosts Productivity and Business Agility with Chempax 

"Chempax has tied all of the information we need into one centralized system. When we move an item in the wireless system, the information is immediately reflected across the rest of the ERP solution. Our distribution and manufacturing operations are far more agile because we now know precisely what products we have or need, in what quantities and exactly where they are located."
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Randy Byle
IT Director
Haviland Enterprises, Inc.

Chempax a Time Saver for C&L Aqua Professionals, Inc.

"With our previous system, we did a lot of double manual entries and logs. With Chempax, the system automatically calculates and tracks that information for us. It has streamlined our business saving us time and increased our efficiency." [Read More]

Lacie Perkins
Office Manager
C&L Aqua Professionals, Inc.

CAM2 Racing Forward with Chempax

"Chempax has been the driving force behind our continued success. Information is power and Chempax provides all the information we need to power ahead." [Read More]

Lindsay Baker Hegna
Vice President Sales & Marketing
CAM2 International

A Conversation with John Thompson...

"We were looking for a solution that handles everything, from shipping to accounting to manufacturing to receiving. We were looking for the whole package and we found it in Chempax." [Read More]

John Thompson
Vice President
Tannin Corporation

A Conversation with Jay Baker...

"The customer service module is very impressive, especially with its connection into manufacturing, purchasing, and inventory control. The complete visibility is extremely helpful." [Read More]

Jay Baker
Chief Operating Officer
Superior Oil Company

Better ERP System Equals Better Business at Hubbard-Hall

"Each module in Chempax that relates to different areas of our company makes Hubbard-Hall better. We’re better purchasers, better marketers, and more profitable because of Chempax C/S." [Read More]

Molly Kellogg

Pilot Chemical Increases Visibility with Chempax 

"There is no way we would have been as successful as we have been from a business standpoint, from a profitability standpoint, or from a growth standpoint without visibility to the data that we get from Chempax and Datacor." [Read More] 

Mark Moser
IT Manager
Pilot Chemical Company

Datacor Helps Brown Chemical Grow Its Business For Over 23 Years

“We have grown many times in revenue since we started using Chempax in our business and Datacor has adapted to meet our needs all along the way.” [Read More]

Doug Brown
Brown Chemical

Datacor Takes The Pain Out of Software Installation

“It was a painless installation for our users, we left on Friday and the software was up and running on Monday.” [Read More]

Kirk Izer
Tilley Chemical

Datacor Helps Whitaker Oil Increase Profitability

“We recognized Datacor as the leader in the chemical distribution software business.” [Read More] 

Ed Steinman
Executive Vice President
Whitaker Oil Company

Heatbath Boosts Revenue & Reduces Costs With Chempax

“Chempax software satisfies the needs of chemical manufacturers, the Datacor people are top notch and they treat their customers as partners.” [Read More]

Pete Chrzanowski
Chief Financial Officer
Heatbath Corporation

Chempax Gives Lintech International the Competitive Edge in Customer Service

“We are now able to provide a global reach with a local touch.” [Read More]

Roger Shaw
Marketing and IT Systems Manager
Lintech International

Chempax Changeover at Zeller + Gmelin a SNAP

“We chose Chempax for two reasons: the stability and longevity of the company, and the flexibility of the application.” [Read More]

Lisa Schlyer
IT Manager
Zeller + Gmelin

Bulk Chemicals Improves Its Bottom Line

“Chempax software has tightly integrated all of our business functions so we now have a much more efficient, streamlined operation. When we need information, it is right at our fingertips.” [Read More]

Charles Ike
Bulk Chemicals